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Clyde B
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Clyde Directs a multidisciplinary social science research unit specializing in applied policy analysis for state/local governments, school departments, private business associations, and non-profit organizations. To date, the Center has produced approximately 350 applied policy reports in the areas of economic development, public management, and polling and program evaluation. As the director, Clyde is responsible for negotiating and administering research services agreements; external liaison with government, private agencies, and the press; coordinating faculty research activities, and general administration (i.e., purchasing, travel approvals, personnel evaluations, meetings, etc.). He supervised an executive assistant, 2 full-time senior research associates, 3 to 5 faculty research associates, 2 program coordinators, 3 graduate research assistants, 2 undergraduate research assistants; and up to ten survey research interviewers, while also conducting policy-oriented research. The Center’s operating budget increased from 1 external contract of $8,000 in FY 1993 to an average of 15 external contracts totaling more than $650,000 (FY 2014) annually. Clyde’s efforts established three endowments for general operating expenses, student scholarships, and a lecture series. He further oversaw the Center’s annual Public Policy Lecture series and convened faculty/community committees that coordinated an Internship program and awarded scholarships to students in the Department of Public Policy. Other social science faculty research projects were supported by the Center’s surplus revenues (e.g., travel supplements, purchase of reassigned time and research materials, research assistant support, etc.
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Qualitative Research, Community Outreach, Financial Planning, Grant Proposal, Politics, Political Science, Philosophy, Economics,Game Theory,


Texas A&M Kingsville, the University of Texas Rio Grande, Casino Journal Professional Network, TED Talks forum, MENSA,


Texas A & M University at Kingsville

Clyde was a very intuitive student and graduated Summa Cum Laude managing to get onto the Deans list. HE identified Political Science as the root of society and saw the opportunities in the field for someone with his unique set of intellectual skills.

University of California Los Angeles

Clyde dove deeper into the field of political science and minored in economics. He identified a link between politics and market economics.

University of California, Los Angeles

Clyde's Doctorate focused on the interplay between local economics and politics. He primarily focused on Native American Casino's and their socio-political impact.


6,990 Projects Completed

Politics and political science are Clyde's main areas of interest. He boasts over 40 years interest and experience in political science and he has utilized this experience to write tonnes of material on political economies, political systems and virtually every other aspect of political science. He believes politics is the very root of society and studying it should be a core activity for any scholar.


5,591 Projects Completed

Clyde has developed an interest in researching Casino's and their economic impact on the local communities. From an economic perspective, Clyde believes Casinos offer a spectacular view on a nation's economic, social and political environment due to the various factors at play whilst managing such a unique business.


4,961 Projects Completed

Clyde is one of the most vocal scholars on governance and the synergy between socio-economics and governance models. He has consulted for the state of Texas on matters relating to governance structures and models. He has written over 4500 articles and opinions on governance for various parties.


11,312 Projects Completed

Clyde's wide experience as a scholar exposes him to various writing styles and he has authored articles dealing with economics, politics and American culture. He is widely consulted for his immense knowledge in politics and the articles he has written are widely referenced and quoted by various scholars and columnists. As the foremost authority on political science in Texas, Clyde's work speaks for itself as being above board and beyond reproach.


4,699 Projects Completed

Clyde is one of the most published scholars on matters concerning politics and its influence on communities. Plainly put, Clyde loves writing, and whether he is writing his own book or contributing material for use in someone else's book, his work is well researched and offers groundbreaking views on political matters. His publication list is one of the most comprehensive and elaborate on matters dealing with political theory and he uses his immense network and research capabilities to make his work and those of his clients to stand out.

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3,413 Projects Completed

Clyde is widely consulted to write book reviews and any book with his positive reviews immediately becomes a hit. His opinions are highly rated and respected by his peers and even those from other spheres of knowledge. He would be immensely beneficial to anyone interested in his honest reviews as you can be sure he will critically examine any publication and even those of its contemporaries and as a result he will give out a balanced critique or appraisal for any product that he is contracted to do.

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