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She is a practical ethicist who examines questions of sexual, biomedical, and environmental ethics through a Jewish lens. Her dissertation used Mishnaic ritual purity discourse as a model for a Jewish ethics of sex and public health. Her current project, which expands upon many of the core themes in her dissertation, examines the moral and textual implications of treating sex as one species of social interaction among many. Levi has also written about the ethics of genetically engineered crops, the tensions between autonomy and community in Jewish and feminist thought, the duty to vaccinate, and the ways practical ethicists deploy classical rabbinic texts.
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University of Virginia

The Research Master's programme in Religious Studies is a challenging, research-oriented programme that prepared Levi for participation in current debates in the international community of scholars of religion, as well as to make her own contributions to the field.

University of Virginia

This Ph.D. program prepared Levi for academic careers in teaching and research. The program offered her three tracks:
• Late Biblical/Post-Biblical Judaism
• Rabbinic-Medieval Judaism
• Contemporary Judaism
Among the fields specifying these tracks are: Archaeology of Roman Palestine; Second Commonwealth Studies; Rabbinic/Talmudic literature; Hellenistic Judaism; and Medieval Jewish History, Philosophy, Mysticism, American Judaism and Zionism.


6,000 Projects Completed

Levi has taught courses on Jewish sexual ethics, Jewish bodies and bioethics, purity in the Abrahamic traditions, argumentation in Jewish traditions, and comparative religious environmental ethics, as well as introductions to Judaism and to religious studies. She makes a concerted effort to diversify her syllabi in all these areas, with substantial representation from scholars who are women, LGBTQIA+, people of color, disabled, or otherwise marginalized.


4,500 Projects Completed

Levi aims to elucidate how multiple voices and traditions should interact with one another in the practice of ethics. First, her research explores some of the major ways in which questions of bodily autonomy function in secular feminist and Jewish bioethical discourses. It then uses case studies to illuminate ways each discourse's concepts of bodily autonomy can be deeply problematic, and argues that the strengths in each discourse can serve as important correctives for the weaknesses in the other.


1,600 Projects Completed

Her present study argues that sex is not a sui generis phenomenon; rather, it is species of social interaction, and that STIs should be understood, in turn, as predictable risks of certain forms of social interaction. Levi’s study thus argues that these parallel features of purity discourse are valuable resources, for both Jews and non-Jews, for thinking about the ethics of managing STIs, and it articulates a Jewish ethical framework that is textually grounded, socially responsible and sexually aware.

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Methodologically, her blog posts advance an innovative approach to drawing contemporary ethical claims from classical text. Instead of drawing a one-to-one correspondence between contemporary sexual ethics and texts that explicitly discuss sex, her study asks which phenomena within the social world of classical texts function in ways that are fruitfully comparable to the ways sexuality functions in contemporary social situations.


1,000 Projects Completed

In her article, Levi articulates ways that the Jewish traditions contribute to the current public debate about vaccination. Much of the rhetoric surrounding vaccine refusal appeals to concepts of individual autonomy and fears of political and intellectual authority, claiming that the individual is the best expert on his or her own health and on whether to actively deny accepted medical consensus.


600 Projects Completed

In her book, Levi addresses the question of human and Earth flourishing. Each chapter considers specific religious ideas and specific environmental harms. Taken together, the chapters reveal that the question of flourishing is deceptively simple. Most would agree that humans should flourish without destroying the Earth. Nevertheless, not all humans have equal opportunities to flourish.

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