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Melissa was introduced to writing at the age of three through poetry. Once Melissa was able to write she has never stopped. Her passion for writing has allowed her to contribute to numerous projects throughout her scholastic and professional career. She writes about various topics from food and fashion, to the effects of Brain Drain on Low Income Countries.

Melisa has had experience in writing resumes, business plans, training materials, annual reports, among other content. With her degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship, she is able to provide an analytical point of view while understanding the bottom-line goals of a company.

Melissa has also assisted companies with developing content for their websites and social media pages. She enjoys creating posts that engage the customer and the business.

Melissa was selected by one of her professor to assist with proofreading and editing his work, which led to Melissa editing and publishing her first book in 2017.

With her diverse educational background, Melissa has written about subjects such as, Developmental Psychology, Anthropology, Geology, Geography, Philosophy, Religion, and International Business.
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Melissa enjoys writing different types of content but specialize in the following categories:
*Instructional Content
*Website Reviews
*Instructional Content


Melissa's enjoys writing in her journal and gardening. She enjoys creating new dishes and sharing her recipes via various mediums. Melissa enjoys researching and learning about new concepts, ideas and innovations.


Florida Atlantic University

Melissa studied many subjects doing her time at university, as she wanted to be a very well-rounded individual. Most of her concentration focused on social sciences, humanitarian studies, and business.

Her main focus was business but knew that to operate any successful business you would need to understand the mind of the customer, where they lived, and the how's and the why's of their economical decisions.

Southern New Hampshire University


200 Projects Completed

Melissa has created posts for a fast-fashion brand. Melissa would draft the posts and then a second user would post them. Melissa was also tasked with creating responses to customers who would communicate publicly with the brand, via social media.


1 Projects Completed

Melissa has developed a business plan for a local food company. The client provided the basic details, however, the entirety of the plan was developed and edited by Melissa.

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20 Projects Completed

Melissa has developed Twitter posts for her various corporations. Whether it was to advertise a product or service, or just to engage with her customers. Melissa has a unique ability to create one liners that drive traffic to various websites. Melissa has also been an affiliate for various companies, who were seeking freelancers to create Twitter posts in regards to various promotions.

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Melissa has created various Facebook posts for herself and various companies to advertise or to provide history on a product or service.

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