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Since 2011, Ryan has been writing professionally in the entertainment and news industry, as well as working in translation and education. His professional career began when he was hired as intern at "Saturday Night Live" and "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," where he was tasked with writing blurbs, Tweets, and copy for use on the respective shows' webpages. Ryan went on to work at the Paris-based "Le Grand Journal," where he assisted in translation from French to English as well as collaborated on air in several sketches. After "Le Grand Journal," Ryan began work at Wilmington, North Carolina's NBC affiliate, WECT, where he was a newswriter and entertainment reporter. He next moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he worked as a social media coordinator for McDonald's Corporation, charged with answering hundreds of consumer queries a week via Facebook and Twitter. He is also the author of the novella "Fragments from 5th Ave," and is currently working on a novel.


Ryan's specialties include all things social media, entertainment, and news. Having written for news organization, corporations, and television studios, he feels confident taking on any project in those domains and beyond. He also can translate from French to English, Spanish to English, and Swedish to English, helping creators in those languages produce natural sounding English editions of their work.


Travel and language learning keep Ryan going. He currently speaks four languages--English, Spanish, French, and Swedish--and is learning American Sign Language. He also loves Coca-Cola and hanging out with his cat, Roger, who may be a person trapped in a cat's body.


University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Ryan studied film production and theory at University of North Carolina at Wilmington, as well as the French language.


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As a television critic for a blog, Ryan was charged with writing summaries of each new episode of NBC's television program, "Parks and Recreation." The reviews included a recap of the events of the episode, as well as critical commentary on its contents and its connections to the overall season.


0 Projects Completed

In 2014, Ryan self-published a novella called "Fragments from 5th Ave." Described by the Wilmington Star-News Ben Steelman as a "'Big Chill' of the Jazz Age," the book tells the story of three friends and one stranger sharing a dilapidated mansion in 1920s Wilmington, North Carolina. As the four become closer, their time together becomes shorter, and they must decide whether to keep living together in the enjoyable present or move forward separately to unknown futures.

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