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Jamie H
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Carmel, CA
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Jamie's most recent work has been for SteadyContent.com, including blog posts regarding overviews of medical treatments, comparison product reviews, and instructional articles, all of which range from 500 to 2,000 words.

In the past, She contributed to sites like Blog Mutt, Deeta Analyics, iWriter, and New Homes Directory.
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Product Reviews
Medical/Scientific articles -- She enjoys the research.


In Jamie's spare time, she enjoys crafting handmade jewelry, crocheting, drawing, reading, writing original stories, hiking, exploring the internet, and studying a variety of topics: Civil War history, Film/TV, Sociology, and holistic pet care & health.


50 Projects Completed

Jamie has experience writing dozens of SEO-orient blog articles for medical practices. Most range around 500-words.


5 Projects Completed

When writing product reviews, Jamie ensures accuracy by diving deep into the product's specifications from the manufactures and researching in-depth reviews from trusted sources and youtube videos.

Press Release

1 Projects Completed

Jamie wrote this article to promote the small business Grey4Green, a grey water irrigation supply company in Los Angeles.

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