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Camryn is a freelance writer and editor with several years of experience at both digital and print publications, as well as at content marketing agencies. She is an articulate writer, often praised for her attention to detail and ability to adapt various tones. She possesses strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as experience working in fast-paced, demanding environments.


Camryn specializes in product copy and health writing, including natural health and fitness. Nonetheless, she is a well-rounded professional who can write across an array of industries and writing types.

Her main asset types are articles, blog posts and copywriting, including product descriptions and web/landing pages. She writes these asset types in a variety of industries, from construction to fashion.


Reading is Camryn's obsession, creative pursuits make her come alive and nature brings her fulfillment. She also loves travelling, and swimming. In her free time, Camryn enjoys creative writing, and she is currently working on a freelancer's guide eBook.


University of Rhode Island

A B.S. in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design (TMD), gives a full understanding of the global textile and apparel supply chain, from design to the consumer.


301 Projects Completed

Health writing is one of Camryn's main specialties as a freelance writer. She has written an abundance of informational articles for major health websites. She also writes content for health professionals, including chiropractors and dentists.

Camryn self-published an eBook on healthy weight loss and ghostwrote both a specialty diet cookbook and a chapter for a medical book. Camryn is very familiar with health terminology and industry resources, so she is comfortable writing pieces in this industry.

She writes on the following health specialties:

-Senior health/elder care
-Natural and alternative health
-Medical topics
-Drug and alcohol addiction and treatment
-Weight loss
-Dental health


1,175 Projects Completed

Camryn is adept at writing an article that stays on topic, organizing it with headings and transitions to help it flow for the reader. She has no problem performing research to add credibility to an article, and she can naturally include SEO keywords within the content. In addition, she is able to write in a variety of formats, including overviews, how-to articles and lists. She can also write in casual or formal tones, depending on the needs of the client.

Camryn has written over a thousand articles for numerous websites, companies and agencies, both ghostwritten and under her own byline. She can write an article on almost any topic, from marketing to natural health.

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