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She graduated law school in 2000. Ever since, she has written countless motions and briefs to the courts. Her ideal focus is appellate briefs, as she has argued cases in front of the Connecticut Appellate Court, Connecticut Supreme Court, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals approximately 50 times. Her writing skills are excellent, and writing, along with researching, is her favorite aspect of practicing law.


Legal research and Legal writing


Her personal interests include spending time with her children, singing, and volunteering in her hometown.


University of Connecticut

Jodi earned her Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Political Science in May 1997. She graduated with honors, cum laude, after being a member of the school's Honor's Program.

UCLA School of Law

Jodi earned her JD from UCLA School of Law in 2000. She graduated in the top 25% of her class and passed the California bar that summer. She then moved back to Connecticut, where she also passed the Connecticut bar.


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Jodi prepared an appellate court brief, which was a direct appeal of a murder conviction. At trial, the court allowed the prosecution to bring up evidence of the defendant's alleged gang affiliation. One issue in the brief argued that the trial court erred in allowing such evidence into the trial.


0 Projects Completed

Jodi wrote this article to be placed on her website in order to entice clients to view her expertise.

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