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Clinton L was raised along the Gulf Coast of Southwest Louisiana. He began creative writing at age 6, in the form of poems, songs and news broadcast. After high school, Clinton L attended USL, LSU, and USC, where he continued writing. Clinton L began his own publishing company in 2006 after successfully writing 6 books which received Imprimaturs from the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Mo. Today he has several hundred successful paperback or ebook publications.


English, Religion, Philosophy, SEO, academic research, financials, writing from scratch, music, movie reviews, storytelling and creative writing.


Creative Writing: Children's Literature, screenwriting, instructional videos.


Louisiana State University

Cajunboy wrote for small and large ensembles: quartets, sextets and conducted the world premiere of many works.

UCLA Extension

Clinton L studied with Scott S. (Tin Cup, Batman, Lonesome Dove).

SMPTV Writing For Film & TV

Clinton L studied with Leonard R, Elmer B, Jack S, Buddy B(The Fox & the Hound)


23 Projects Completed

Clinton L has written many books on topics related to the entertainment industry: theory and movie reviews and designed to help new screenwriters to better understand the dynamics of storytelling while showing how these elements are created, written, and help to form the overall structure of the story.


300 Projects Completed

"The Love of Two Sisters" is a biographical work about St. Therese of Lisieux and her sister Celine, which uses the continental philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas. The thesis of the book showed how what is called metaphysical ethics is a trace of God which binds a selfless response from the neighbor. The thesis in "Love of Two Sisters" was to show that ethics is the first truth the neighbor responds to, despite the closeness of the flesh binding us to them. Ethics is a first philosophy which implies it "acts" before faith, though faith is before ethics theologically.

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