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Elizabeth L
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After 15 years as a performing violinist in several professional orchestras and small ensembles, she accepted a job as the orchestra teacher in a public charter school. Although she loved the work, her employment there was complicated by the lack of a faculty handbook, high turnover in the administration of her school, and some irregularities in her teacher employment contract. To address her own issues, she began an investigation of employment and contract law that immediately captured her full attention. There is so much useful information available to professionals in every field, and so much good that can come from clear, legally compliant communication!

Studying employment law and writing about what she has learned helps her address the issues she faced as a state employee in a public charter school, an independent contractor in a private music school, a statutory employee in a professional orchestra, and as the current owner of her own business - a string quartet. Having a clear understanding of her working relationships makes every aspect of her professional life easier, and gives her the freedom to focus on the music, instead of on employment-related chaos.

By helping other professionals draft their own documents, it is her goal to share the freedom she has found.
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