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Jenn G. has been successful in the writing and publishing industry since 1999. Her background includes copywriting, web content, blogging, magazine article writing, newspaper article writing, ghostwriting, and book authoring. She offers all of these services.


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Industry Projects

  • Health100+
  • Finance100+
  • Other100+
  • Legal100+
  • Education100+
  • Craft100+
  • Kids/Family50+
  • Publishing50+
  • Appliance20+
  • Entertainment10+
  • Career10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Jenn G. has covered a myriad of health issues including fibromyalgia, menopause, diabetes, and nutrition. She's also written extensively about senior care, as well as home health providers.


Jenn G. has written articles, blogs, web content, and white papers covering budgeting, tax preparation, business planning, and credit, among other topics for sites like Mint.com and MarketingProcess.com.


Jenn G. works hard to meet the needs of her clients no matter what type of writing project they are requesting. This could be product descriptions, Facebook posts, Tweets, or any other type of marketing material.


Jenn G.'s experience writing about legal topics includes articles for ehow.com (Demand Media Studios). Her experience also includes writing about personal injury and criminal cases for ContentCustoms.com on a daily basis. She also wrote articles and blog posts for the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys on a daily basis.


Jenn G.'s experience with educational topics are in the form or Suite101 articles, Examiner.com articles, and part time teaching. She no longer is a regular contributor for Suite101, but she does still contribute education based articles to Examiner.com for her Maine Education topic.


Jenn G. has many blog posts and articles focused on craft subjects, topics, how to’s. She has also worked as a part time art teacher on a freelance basis at elementary schools. Jenn G. also has several self-published books containing craft projects and how-to’s for school aged children, or novice adult artists.


Jenn G. has written over 50 articles for Suite101 and ehow.com covering kids and family topics. In addition, she has also written dozens of blog posts for AIG Interactive (American Greetings) about kids and family. She has also written one book out focused specifically on fathers raising their daughter from birth to age ten.


Jenn G. covered topics about the publishing industry on a weekly basis for Absolutewrite.com. She's also had articles published about the publishing industry, specifically self-publishing business practices and freelance writing businesses, for Writer's Journal Magazine, The Writer Magazine, ehow.com and Suite101.


Jenn G. covered topics focused on appliances for many websites like InternetBrands.com, Lovetoknow.com, Panoplycorp.com. She wrote for Panoplycorp.com (the site's title is With the Grain) on a daily basis, and sometimes twice per day with a mix of articles and blog posts. Jenn G. does not currently write for these websites.


Jenn G.'s experience writing about entertainment is focused specifically on ehow.com articles through Demand Media Studios. She has also written some self-published books, as well as ebooks for Hyperink Publishing which could be easily construed as entertainment focused topics.


Jenn G. covered career topics in the form of articles for websites like AbsoluteWrite.com, ehow.com, suite101.com on a regular basis. For a period of time, Jenn wrote a weekly column for Absolutewrite.com prior to the site’s re-organization and ownership change. From time to time, she still currently covers career (with an educational focus) for her Maine Education topic on Examiner.com.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Facebook Post100+
  • Twitter Post100+
  • eBook50+
  • Book10+

Summary of Product Experience


Jenn G. has an extensive background writing articles with her byline, as well as a ghostwriter. She has a firm belief that writing researched pieces utilizing multiple resources is imperative for a well-rounded piece. It is also important to her to share her own knowledge in articles, as well, so she does take on that type of work as well.

Blog Post

Jenn G. has an extensive background writing blog posts as a ghostwriter, as well as with her byline. Her background covers a wide variety of topics ranging from law to family to home improvement and everything in between. She is a firm believer in the phrase, "write what you know," as well as, "write what you WANT to know." That being said, there is not a topic she is not willing to research thoroughly and present. Most recently, she blogged about businesses for those looking for jobs and senior care for those caring for loved ones aging in place.

Facebook Post

Jenn G. has written Facebook posts for large companies like Laser Pegs, as well as many others in the health and career industries. During each instance, it has been her responsibility to research industry topics, find links, and develop posts based on trending news or current products.

Twitter Post

Jenn G. has written Twitter posts for large companies like Laser Pegs, as well as many others in the health and career industries. During each instance, it has been her responsibility to research industry topics, find links, and develop posts based on trending news or current products.


Jenn has ghostwritten eBooks for many companies, as well as individuals, covering topics including health, marketing, publishing, SEO, education, travel, and industry. She has also written eBooks under her own name covering art, publishing, childcare, budgeting, and health.


Jenn G. has twenty-five books listed on Amazon.com, and she was a ghost writer for one for Atlantic Publishing. She also wrote several books for HyperInk Publishing, including Quicklet - Stephenie Meyer's Twilight.

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