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Larissa is an experienced writer in the field of nonprofit work, specializing in the issues of poverty, homelessness and the barriers of socioeconomics. She has masters level experience in writing, proofreading and editing academic articles in the fields of psychology and social work. Most recently, Larissa has begun created content for clients and provided insightful and engaging blog posts and articles in the areas of health and wellness, psychology and mental health, law, education, and social work.
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Psychology, mental health, social work, health and wellness, education, social sciences, fiction, non-fiction, research


Health and wellness, mental health, social work, education, fiction, nonfiction


Walden University

Completed MS in General Psychology. Inducted into Psi Chi in 2008.

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Larissa has worked in the nonprofit field for over 10 years, aiding the homeless and impoverished. She recently completed a best practices manual for a local nonprofit located in Auburn, WA regarding creating a housing program for LGBTQ young adults ages 18-24. Throughout her time as a case manager and later as a program manager, Larissa has written several technical reports for state and federal agencies, as well as engaged in research and creation of detailed analysis reports for funders and community members.

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53 Projects Completed

Larissa has written over 50 blog posts for clients, in addition to managing her own lifestyle blog. Most postings for clients have focused specifically on health and wellness topics. These posts have primarily been informative, focusing specifically on common and rare diseases and disorders. Larissa has also written articles highlighting mental health and addiction issues, providing readers not only with information but access to services and assistance when appropriate. Her lifestyle blog covers a variety of different topics, with a focus on living frugally and mentally balanced.

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