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Quincy Jefferson started his online freelance writing journey in 2012. Writing has always been an escape and passion of his since a young child. During his early childhood, he had a very adventurous imagination which lead him to writing his own fictional stories. These stories were usually inspired by his love of sports, experiences at school, and the fun interactions he had with the kids in his neighborhood. His creative writings as a child were also inspired by the popular late 1990s book series known as, "Goosebumps". As an honor student throughout junior high and high school, he consistently excelled in language arts classes. Quincy's writing talents have also been expressed with song lyrics he composed for his self in previous years. Overall, Quincy believes one of his greatest gifts as a writer is his ability to comprehend unfamiliar information and translate that information into quality, and easy-to-read documents.


Quincy's specialties consist of songwriting, life advice, product/service reviews, and travel reviews.


Quincy's interests involve traveling, fashion, food, finances, sports, fitness, and real estate.


Phoenix University

Phoenix University is a private for-profit higher education institution that caters to individuals interested in furthering their education, while also having the flexibility to continue working full-time or part-time. This university offers its students the opportunity to enroll in online classes or take courses at their local Phoenix University campus.


35 Projects Completed

Quincy Jefferson has extensive experience in writing hotel review articles. These articles were designed to help vacationers choose a comfortable and desirable lodging accommodation while enjoying their travelling experience. Quincy does a great job of describing the amenities, room options, and affordability of each hotel he has written a review about. His audience received a myriad of helpful information after reading his hotel review articles.


30 Projects Completed

Quincy Jefferson has done an excellent job of drafting educational articles focused on various degree programs that college students or potential college students may have interest in. These articles were written to give individuals a detailed insight on what to expect if they decide to work towards earning a particular degree. Quincy has written articles that cover undergraduate and graduate degree programs that pertain to business, marketing, arts, criminal justice, and health sciences.


400 Projects Completed

Quincy Jefferson has written articles that have ranged across a variety of interests and topics. From travel destinations descriptions, short biographies, political content, and academic related content; he has shown versatility with his writing capabilities and ability to capture important information with great attention to detail and accuracy. He is very skilled at paragraph transition. Moreover, he is aware of the importance of limiting redundancy and repetition within his articles.

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