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Roechelle has been a freelance writer since 2007. Although she writes in many styles on a variety of subjects, her background is Eco-friendly education. In addition to supplying the content for her own projects, Roechelle lends her words to a few eMagazines and sites on the web. She is an excellent researcher and writes with confidence and ease. She understands the world of SEO and incorporates keywords in her writing that flows with the subject and style. As she continues to write, her confidence grows and her words improve.


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Green Living

Roechelle is a green living expert who presently writes content for her own Eco-friendly blog as well as a few eco-friendly sites on the web. She writes articles, reviews and general green living tips and tricks. Her goal is to educate as well as entertain with green facts and how to’s.

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Roechelle is an experienced writer of articles. She always researches fact based articles before submitting content and the final draft is proofread and error free. Inserted keywords never sound forced or out of place, they are always in flow with the whole body of the article. She is a confident article writer who always delivers A+ material.

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