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Brad B
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While most of his work is published at Vice, Futurism, et al. journalism, Brad's unusually intuitive grasp of narrative elements, including character dynamics, conflicts between nascent political and aesthetic forces (as shown in an essay at 3:AM Magazine), an interview of The New Yorker's Jane Mayer, and success developing a video deconstructing Elon Musk's impetus for humankind to Colonize Mars or Die, make him an excellent candidate for a wide variety of writing projects.


Fiction, essays, wit, humor, (journalistic) features, ghostwriting, biography, blogs.


Literature, scifi, science (astrophysics, space travel, AI), politics, psychology & psychoanalysis.


University of Iowa

After switching from aeronautical engineering to philosophy, Brad quickly advanced to graduate-level seminars, where he excelled at the philosophy of language (Wittgenstein, eliminativism), and the philosophy of science. Gradually, he became intrigued by the humanities, and also studied English, where he specialized in science fiction (Le Guinn, Gibson, Philip K. Dick), and film theory.


100 Projects Completed

As Associate Editor at Futurism (futurism.com, NYC 08/2017-12/2017) Brad proofread and edited writers’ copy for perfect grammar and AP format; managed interviews of experts. He reported unique perspectives on my own section, about quantum physics, astronomy, and space. He also worked with visual media team to produce compelling video with relevant facts for a feature article, and carried out interviews with international scientists to find fresh angles on scientific developments. While there, several articles of his were regularly syndicated on Business Insider, NBC News, The World Economic Forum, et al.

As Contributing Writer at VICE News (motherboard.vice.com, NYC 08/2016-Present) Brad reports cutting-edge developments in astronomy, space travel and technology. He interviews top NASA scientists in addition to scientists and physicists worldwide, and composes long-form articles with authoritative tone, to serve as valuable intel on space and tech development far beyond the short-term “beat.”


2 Projects Completed

In the internationally renowned 3:AM Magazine, Brad wrote an essay in which he critiques that ‘ineffable something’ that philosophical and literary texts about sex strive to grasp, his essay concluding in an implosive narrative allegory of its own.

Brad interviewed The New Yorker Staff Writer Jane Mayer regarding her book "Dark Money," on the occasion of her candidacy for a National Book Critics Circle Award.

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