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Melissa has a degree in English and has worked as a professional writer since 2013. Her work experience in many industries from education, to non-profit, to freelance, and eventually as a small business owner has given her years of experience writing and editing various kinds of documentation. She has written for companies and individuals: technical training documentation; copy for magazines and brochures; articles and blogs for websites; creative non-fiction how-to eBooks; technical business documents such as grants, project proposals, project contracts, and project timelines; and she has written fictional novels, novellas, and short stories for publication.
She is a certified editor and proofreader, and she currently is employed as the Publications Director for her own self-publishing services company. Her primary duties as Publications Director include: various levels of editing, print and eBook formatting, and copy writing for the back cover and/or marketing materials. She uses her own experience as an award-winning fiction author to provide these services and to continue to write and publish her own fiction.
Self Help


Technical writing, article writing, creative non-fiction


Procedural and training documentation, project timelines, how-to projects, blogs or articles,


University of Northern Colorado

Melissa attended the University of Northern Colorado for her undergraduate degree in English and Secondary Education. After completing the teacher training program, she became a licensed secondary educator and certified to teach English for grades 6-12. Since her graduation, Melissa has gained certifications to teach the subjects of Social Studies and Special Education. She has continued her education, and gained a certification for copy editing and proofreading in 2017.

Self Help

60 Projects Completed

Melissa has written over 60 how-to eBook for publication and "do-it-yourself" instructions. These books had a variety of focuses from making perfume or lotion, to understanding medication conditions, and to naturally improving overall health by lowering blood pressure or tinnitus. Some of the books were spiritual in nature, others were more hobby-focused, and other entirely health and wellness focused. All books were written under a ghostwriting contract and were published under a pseudonym.


30 Projects Completed

Melissa worked for a non-profit organization and completed the training documentation for four areas of duties within a single department. The training documentation was procedural and designed for the new employee to read and use as a guide during the training process, as well as for the trainer to use as a reference for how to train the new employee and on what tasks. The language and steps were written with simplicity in mind to make it accessible to all employees. She also wrote project proposals, project contracts, and project timelines for a freelance web development company she contracted with. In addition, she wrote and created various business foundation documents such as calendars, invoices, project trackers, and client communication email templates.


5 Projects Completed

Melissa worked as a freelance blogger for a fashion company. She wrote five blogs for the company focusing on product as well as the mission of the company to promote and encourage healthy body representation and image. The articles were used for marketing and awareness and published both in a newsletter and on the blog.


98 Projects Completed

Melissa has written and published several fiction novels or stories with more fiction and non-fiction due out this year. She has also been employed as a freelance ghostwriter where she wrote over 80 novellas and eBooks for publication both fiction and non-fiction. Her non-fiction focused on informational and how-to eBooks, while the fiction she wrote as a ghostwriter was primarily romance.


20 Projects Completed

Melissa has written several articles ranging from fashion, historical, to self-help. Her articles have been used for blogs and newsletters to promote businesses, inform readers, and provide guidance. Many of her articles are around 1-2000 words long, and are written both conversationally and academically.

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