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Tenny lives in a condo building in Hollywood, Florida. Her neighbors report that she is friendly and tries to be helpful in emergencies. She is quiet and keeps to herself but not considered a danger to society, despite occasionally displaying an offbeat humor that could be considered 'anti-establishment'.

Tenny notes that she worked as a professional Chef for most of her life. She is somewhat less likely to discuss that she was the Vice President and then acting President of a national affordable housing development non-profit organization for several years, where she handled all of the affairs, including all of the writing, legal and otherwise.

When asked if her segue into the business world lead to her current career as a writer, Tenny explains that it was the other way around. "As a Chef and a culinary writer who had founded several charitable food programs, I was sought out by the company, and as accidents will happen I found myself responsible for the entire business."

A closer look reveals that Tenny had been publishing pseudonymous essays, recipes and reviews for culinary blogs and satirical articles for various publications during her 25 years as a restaurateur and continued to do so while immersed in the business world.

When asked if her love of writing came from her education in the Liberal Arts, she laughs. "As an only child, books were my best friends. I started writing as soon as I learned to form words with letters, although somehow I never learned to spell perfectly. Thank God for spellcheck."

When the non-profit was assumed by a larger entity, Tenny turned down related offers and began working as a content and copy writer. She explains that she felt unfulfilled in the business world and that resuming work as a Chef was impractical as her health had declined.

She accepts diverse articles, favoring culinary, business, lifestyle and medicine but always interested in new topics. Tenny became a respected nutrition writer through her independent research. She considers herself a storyteller but remains uninterested in writing fiction. "The truth is peculiar enough", she says.

She writes sales articles so long as she is allowed to deliver an honest review. "Not misleading, lying to or endangering readers is my rule," she says. "I enjoy learning about new things and love research but I won't fake expertise. My interests are broad and my life experience is pretty extensive, so I don't feel limited. Plus, I never miss a deadline."
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