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Colin has 13 years of professional writing and editing experience which includes seven years working for a newspaper and six years serving as a Public Relations/Marketing Director for a nonprofit where he drafted press releases, wrote feature stories, developed email campaigns and wrote content for social media and the web.

Colin currently works as part of a freelance co-op at a publishing company, where he writes book reviews, reader critiques, focus group critiques and completes general editing and proofreading tasks.
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Colin's writing specialties include penning feature profiles and Q and A pieces on interesting people, outdoor recreation and nature writing, travel writing, sports writing, music, arts and entertainment and lifestyle pieces.

His editing specialties are editing and proofreading books, e-books, novellas, short stories and articles. Colin has experience in writing book reviews, reader critiques and focus group critiques.

Colin's public relations and marketing specialties include press releases,feature stories, developing email campaigns, and writing creative content for social media, the web and marketing flyers and brochures.


Colin's interests involve writing stories on fascinating people and places, including topics such as travel, sports, nature and outdoor recreation, geography, history and literature.


University of North Carolina at Asheville

Colin received his undergraduate degree in Literature from the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

University of Florida

Colin received his master's in Journalism from the University of Florida.


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Colin has seven years of experience writing travel features for a North Carolina newspaper. He has written about his travels both domestically and internationally, including trips to Turkey, Czech Republic, Costa Rica and Ireland.

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0 Projects Completed

Colin has six years of experience crafting press releases for publication in media from his time serving as a Public Relations/Marketing Director promoting the work of a Charleston, South Carolina-based nonprofit.

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