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Dave is a web content writer for legal, business and DIY websites, among others. He enjoys researching and writing legal and business related articles, as well as writing on history and travel related subjects. He has written numerous legal and business related articles for the Houston Chronicle. He also has extensive experience in construction and remodeling and has written hundreds of DIY articles in areas including masonry, carpentry, plumbing and cabinet making.

He spends his time off hiking, boating and fishing in the beautiful State of Washington.


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He has researched and written on a wide variety of legal subjects including contracts, divorce and criminal law. He has written articles that provide readers with concise summaries of some of the common legal issues that arise during litigation such as the statute of limitations and other legal defenses. His articles provide answers to many common questions that people have about the legal process and legal procedures, in general. He has also written articles about family law matters that emphasize issues such as child support, custody and visitation.

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He has written articles for Demand Studios and Associated Content in addition to other online publications such as the Houston Chronicle's Chron section.

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