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Susan M
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Susan was a paralegal for several law firms in addition to having her own paralegal business for several years.
As a social worker she also worked with disabled people helping them access treatment and when ready education or training.


family law; sexual abuse and domestic violence law; mental health cases; substance abuse and disability cases;


Helping the public gain access to the legal system without the necessity of always hiring attorneys at the early stages of the proceedings. Understading victim/survivor rights and assisting traumatized people going through the legal system.
When I'm not doing that I like to garden, do handwork, sit in the sun with rescued dogs.


Sonoma State University

Completed degree in liberal arts.


6 Projects Completed

Susan worked as a paralegal in the areas of civil, criminal and family law for about 15 years. She is familiar with the California Code of Civil, Criminal and Family law. She later did limited federal law work with Administrative Law Judges in the area of Social Security Benefits. She worked in the area for about 10 years.


5 Projects Completed

Susan worked in the area of social work sometimes including the areas of sexual assault and domestic violence. She counseled survivors who were trying to return to the work force after traumatic events. (See Certifications) Susan has a unique gift in that women seem to relate to her and can speak with her about their trauma. She, in turn, knows how to respectfully witness their trauma. She has a wealth of knowledge concerning recovery from and return to life after trauma, all of which must be tailored to the every individual.


5 Projects Completed

While working with the disabled in the capacity of advocate for their social security advocate, Susan reviewed and collated medical records for these cases. She also found her clients additional medical care and evaluations to improve their health and their cases. She became familiar with many common medical conditions. She researched places her clients could go for treatment where their insurance would be accepted.


10 Projects Completed

While working in various fields, Susan prepared information articles for use in training other workers. She also, prepared and presented training for various occasions during her work as a social worker/advocate. Her work as a paralegal was generally in the form of a legal brief presenting a specific argument regarding a specific client to the judge.

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