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Dana has served as a director of University retention, assistance and student services programs. She is well versed in writing pertaining to business, education, statistics, research, creative writing, marketing, technical and report writing, program development, student and employee retention, human resources, team building and management. She has worked as an independent writer for several years. She has written chapters in medical textbooks, marketing campaigns, SEO pages for websites, and a variety of other informational topics.


Dana specializes in natural and holistic health, spirituality from academic and counseling perspectives, psychology, wellness, fitness, weight loss counseling and business/management topics.


Dana is a lifelong learner and her passion for research leads her into new discoveries. She is an artist, musician and researcher who enjoys each new day and looks forward to new challenges. She has an active interest in gardening and home improvement in her spare time.


Heritage University

Dana completed her education at Heritage University in Toppenish, Washington earning an AA degree in Sociology, a BA degree in English and a Master's Degree in Adult Education and Community and Human Research Development.

Walden University

Dana completed the core curriculum in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology, completing all but the residency and dissertation portions of the program.


500 Projects Completed

Dana has written several hundred articles, textbook chapters and summaries for clients in the medical field. Her ability to research and document facts allows her to dissect and accurately report on most topics within this arena.


3,400 Projects Completed

Dana has written more than 3400 articles on various topics. Her work includes academic research, health and wellness, spirituality, fitness, weight loss, gossip, sports, business, management, motivation, statistics, and more.


18 Projects Completed

Dana has written 18 ebooks for clients in addition to 6 of her own. She enjoys writing on health related topics.

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