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Creative writing, resume writing, screenwriting, copy writing, technical writing, journalism, data entry


Film (studying, watching, and writing), basketball, hip hop music, soccer, photography, nature, hiking


Eastern Michigan University

Andrew finished with a 3.0 cumulative GPA, took time off from Spring 2009 to Fall 2010.


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• Handled various tasks including managing events around the city of Chicago (Oktoberfest, Taco Fest) and surrounding areas for high profile clients (Soldier Field, Special Events Management, the PGA Championship, Northerly Island, etc.) as well as doing office intern work five days a week as the company’s Public Communications Specialist (Arete Event Staff).
• Was trusted to handle and document important employee, client, and event data on a daily basis, as well as write case studies detailing problems encountered at events that were overcome through unique strategizing, and the positive results of those strategies. Was also tasked with updating Facebook posts with pictures and updates documenting events (Arete Event Staff).


0 Projects Completed

This is an article Andrew is working on publishing with a film blog. He has an in-depth knowledge and interest in film study that he enjoys writing pieces. This is his first non-academic, non-technical piece surrounding the film industry. This is a unique article topic that he put substantial effort into as a side project. His expertise in film study and list writing is on full display here.

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