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Anton L
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Anton is a highly versatile writer with extensive writing and editing experience. He writes articles, academic essays, and social media posts.

As a philosophy major at NYU, he developed his ability to write argumentatively about complex concepts with great clarity.

While his academic experience strengthened his ability to write analytically, his professional experience has allowed him to develop another facet of his writing — distilling complex concepts into messages that are engaging to a broader audience.

As an intern at Business Insider, he edited content from freelancers, and also wrote his own articles centered around psychology and education. When writing these pieces, he aimed to distill findings from research, which were sometimes complex and technical, into engaging and informative content for the audience. He had a similar process while he was a writer for the Borgen Project, where he wrote listicles or analyses that incorporated various research findings about solutions for poverty reduction. And at BLJ Worldwide, an international affairs PR firm, he posted onto their client's Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote articles and other editorial projects from their China-U.S. news website.

He has thus become adept at filtering complex, technical research into engaging and accessible content for audiences.


articles, academic essays, social media


sociology, psychology, culture, technology, politics, entertainment


New York University

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Anton has experience writing articles about technology. For the Borgen Project, where he wrote about technological innovations that could help reduce global poverty. He has also contributed tech-related articles to Business Insider and Quantumrun.


0 Projects Completed

Anton’s experience with article writing is diverse, both in terms of style and content.

For Business Insider, he wrote several articles about topics in psychology and education. He also applied substantive and copy edits to numerous articles from freelancers during his time there. For the Borgen Project, a nonprofit organization, he wrote listicles and analyses about technology and policy solutions for reducing global poverty. He has also contributed articles about sports and entertainment to his college newspaper, the Washington Square News. And on his own time, he enjoys writing blog posts about politics and culture.

Anton writes in a variety of styles, sometimes employing a conversational tone, while at other times adopting a more authoritative, academic tone.

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