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As both a pasture-based livestock farmer and a writer, Aryn has personal and professional experience with topics like organic gardening, sustainability, keeping livestock, homesteading, and all aspects of rural life. She is passionate about the local food and self-sufficiency movement. Her writing projects are well-researched, well-articulated and always delivered on time.
Green Living


Sustainability, farm & garden, rural life, organic growing, raising livestock, the environment, local food, farm business.


Aryn is passionately interested in raising and growing local food. In fact, she's dedicated her life to it! Her degree in Environmental Science adds an in-depth knowledge of the science behind organic and sustainable growing practices, and she employs many of them personally on her own farm.


Texas Christian University

Aryn spent her college career studying environmental science with a special emphasis in botany and landscape restoration. She dedicated her time in school towards learning as much as she could about the natural world and the systems that drive it.


20 Projects Completed

Aryn has written a significant number of articles aimed at informing those who are learning to raise their own livestock like chickens, goats, pigs, etc. and grow their own food.

Green Living

15 Projects Completed

Aryn has significant experience in writing informative articles for readers aiming to lower their environmental footprint or provide their own sources of shelter, energy & food. These articles range from how to build your own woodstove to different types of green building materials for your home.


30 Projects Completed

Informative articles between 500 and 1500 words are Aryn's specialty. These projects are researched or personal experience based and aim at teaching the reader something new or exploring a common topic in more depth.

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