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Denae K
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Walnut Cove, NC
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Marketing: Denae has experience marketing herself both online via social media and in person through local business groups (BNI, Piedmont Club, and more). Through her own personal experience marketing herself she has learned many "tricks of the trade" and has implemented them. She also is involved in marketing for her family endangered horse farm.
Travel: She has been to Canada, Mexico, Paris, Rome, Madrid, London and throughout the USA. She is an experienced traveler both in luxury and outdoors. Because she has marketing experience and travel experience, she is well equipped to write about travel experiences: hotels, tours, food, and more.
Science: She recently graduated UNCG with a BS Biology. She has written many research papers (none of the studies lasted long enough for the work to be published, but it could have been had she had more time than one semester to continue her research). She is well versed in researching complex topics from credible sources and turning it into easy to read content.
Animals: She has owned and been around animals her entire life. She has owned domesticated horses, cats, dogs, ferrets, birds and fish. She also has experience with wild animals: raccoons, owls, and hawks.
Lifestyle: She can write content on relationships, single life, motivation, college, health, family, business, decision making, athletics, emotions and more. She is only 24 years old, but has lived a lot of life and has taken the time to assess her experiences.
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- Social Media Marketing
- B2B marketing
- Business
- Travel
- Camping & Hiking
- Animals
- Networking
- Marketing
- Food
- lifestyle


She can write about anything given enough time and there is very little in life that doesn't interest her. If she doesn't know something she is more than willing to spend the time researching the topic to learn the ins and outs.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Gandhi


University of Cambridge - UK

Denae was invited to apply for the Summer Cambridge College Prep Program due to her exceptional academic standings in High School. Her application was accepted and she went to London, England to take college courses at Cambridge with Cambridge professors. These courses were supposed to count for college credit, but when the program finished, no USA colleges would accept the credits because the courses needed to last a week longer. However, through this experience, she impressed the director of the program with her leadership skills and cool-headedness and was invited back as a chaperone in 2015.

Taylor University

Denae received a full-ride scholarship to play volleyball with Taylor University. However, her last few months of senior year of High School she got in a pretty bad car accident. Not knowing the extent of the damage done to her back in the accident, Denae went to Taylor to realize her dream of playing the sport she loved in college. After Freshman year, her accident injuries caught up to her and she was physically unable to play Sophomore year. The heartbreak of not being able to play got to be too much, so she transferred to UNCG.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Denae graduated from UNCG with a BS Biology and a 3.33 GPA. She chose this major because it was one of the most difficult degrees and she wanted to challenge herself. Her true passion lies in writing and literature, but she knew a literature degree wouldn't challenger nearly as much as studying science. She chose literature courses for as many elective requirements as she could and in all the papers, essays, stories, and poems she wrote she never received less than a 90 on any of them.

Forsyth Technical Community College

Denae graduated High School early, but remained in classes part time to begin pursuing her AS degree through dual-enrollment. By the time she graduated High School, she was only 3 classes away from finishing her Associates degree, but because she had signed a contract to start playing volleyball at Taylor University the next semester, she could not finish the degree. She plans to return to Forsyth and finally finish those last few classes.


2 Projects Completed

Denae wrote for the Foothills Times magazine for 2 years as a content writer. She wrote 6 business articles based on her personal networking/business experience and the books she read about business strategies.

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Denae's family breeds and raises an endangered horse called the Shire. Being involved in a practically an unknown breed of horse, marketing is imperative for their farm's success. She has fruitfully marketed and advertised using Facebook. Her following, though small, is impressive. Growing to over 1300 followers is a great accomplishment in such a small niche. She has recently taken her marketing of the Shire to Instagram and has grown to over 200 followers in less than 6 months.

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