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Erin has 4 years of experience in brainstorming topic ideas, structuring outlines, writing clear and concise content, and ALWAYS meeting her deadlines. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Erin has been training, educating and supporting her clients for 4 years now in person as well as through her fitness blog. She takes pride in her ability to share her knowledge and experience in the related fields through her writing. Her capabilities also extend past fitness related topics. She has experience writing about lifestyle subjects, theology, travel and even product reviews. It's important to point out that Erin also has several years of experience working with SEO in order to promote every blog post that she publishes.
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Erin has experience writing for a wide range of subjects. Her main specialties are fitness related however she also has experience in the subjects of lifestyle, theology, travel and product review.


Erin's interested in anything that has to do with being outside. She loves working out and cooking healthy (and yummy) meals. One of her greatest passions is running her fitness lifestyle blog, Chin-ups and Cupcakes. She loves writing about her adventures, work, faith, and so much more.


St. Petersburg College

Erin studied a wide range of subjects at St. Petersburg College. She attended school part time while working full time, eventually earning her Associates Degree.


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The primary topic that Erin has written about is Fitness. This is not only due to her love of working out, but also because of her certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Fitness is not only her job, but her passion as well. She has written dozens of articles and blog posts related to this field. Her main goal is to educate her readers.

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Erin was not only a personal trainer at a gym in Florida, but she was also solely responsible for writing and publishing the monthly newsletter. This newsletter would feature exercise and nutrition articles as well as product reviews, events, training specials and more. It was distributed by the front desk at the beginning of every month. Personal training sales were generated through this newsletter. Compensation consisted of a flat monthly rate.

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Erin's fitness lifestyle blog, Chin-ups and Cupcakes has a page where she offers customized personal training programs. She understands how important it is to accurately describe a product in detail so that the consumer knows exactly what they're getting. Through her online training products, Erin has been able to maintain contact with her clients back in Florida as well as pick up new clients around the world.

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Erin is the owner and writer of the fitness lifestyle blog, Chin-ups and Cupcakes. Her certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine have provided her with the platform to not only help her clients, but also many other people all around the world. Erin's Associates Degree in General Studies has also helped her when writing about a wide range of other topics on the blog.

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