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Sarah uses her writing experience and exceptional research skills to collect the most valuable information to meet the needs of the client and their audience. With her educational and life experience, she consistently meets and exceeds client's expectations. She is professional and always meets deadlines.

Sarah has written articles, blogs, listicles, and how-tos on a variety of topics, ranging from sewing to pet health to the latest television shows. She has published articles and blogs in multiple online publications.

Sarah easily customizes the voice and tone of her writing for each project to meet the client's immediate needs. She also excels at breaking down difficult topics and processes into informative, entertaining, and easy-to-read articles.

Sarah holds a BA in writing from Grand Valley State University and currently lives with her miniature dachshund, Gracie.
Product Description
Blog Post
Home Living


Sarah specialties include:

*Blog posts
*Social media posts
*SEO-friendly copy
*Informational content
*Instructional content (how-tos)
*Product descriptions


Sarah's interests include reading, television and movies, writing, listening to music, baking, and pets.


Grand Rapids Community College

Sarah received an Associate of Arts degree in liberal arts. Her courses included British Literature, College Writing, Women in Literature, and Retail Management

Grand Valley State University

Sarah received a Bachelor of Arts in writing. Her courses included Professional Writing, Fiction Workshop, Nonfiction Workshop, Working with Manuscripts, Consulting with Writers, Writing with Style, Genre and Writing, Poetry Workshop, and Document Production and Design

Home Living

4 Projects Completed

Sarah has written multiple articles and blogs informing readers how to maintain their homes and everything inside of them. She thrives to make people's lives easier by making the information as easy and accessible as possible.


3 Projects Completed

Sarah thoroughly enjoys everything entertainment. From television to movies to pop culture, she enjoys it all and loves to share her knowledge through her writing. She has written multiple articles for an online entertainment publication.


2 Projects Completed

Sarah has loved pets for all of her life and has transferred that love into her writing. She has written multiple articles on pets, their behavior, and pet health issues and treatments.

Blog Post

23 Projects Completed

Sarah has written blogs for multiple publications. She enjoys the conversational tone of writing for blogs compared to other kinds of writing. She breaks down what can often be complication information and makes it accessible and fun for the reader.

Product Description

20 Projects Completed

Sarah researches each product she describes extensively so she has a much information as possible to work from. She writes in the appropriate tone based on the product and what the client asks for. Sarah has written on a wide variety of products from home, including security systems, sports gear, sewing machines, kitchen appliances, and tech gadgets.


10 Projects Completed

Through her college and freelance experience, Sarah has had the chance to write multiple articles for publication, on everything from yoga to social issues. She enjoys researching new and old topics and using that information to write an article about it. She enjoys writing in the more formal, informative tone of an article.

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