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You need a creative partner that will help drive your product or service success. You need compelling content that will INCREASE SALES. You need results.

That's where Abby comes in.

Abby helps tell your story by creating intelligent, compelling copy for your product or service through crisp, thorough product descriptions, and highly engaging content. She understands the psychology behind customer purchases and the emotions that drive people to take action.

She will use this knowledge to your advantage by scripting highly targeted sales copy that will:

1. Establish trust with your audience.
2. Convert visitors to actual paying customers.
3. Convince your audience that your product is the right one for them.

To this end, she specializes in:
*E-commerce Copywriting
*Product Descriptions
*Video Scripts

Your end goal is to increase sales and her mission is to create copy that will convert your visitors from "just browsing" to actually buying, while maintaining the right tone for your brand and showcasing your products' usability and benefits for the consumer.

If you're looking for intelligent e-commerce copy that gets you RESULTS and moves you closer to ACHIEVING YOUR BUSINESS GOALS, please contact Abby.

She looks forward to hearing from you!
Self Help
Product Description


E-commerce Copywriting (Web Content, Blog Posts etc), Product Descriptions, Video Scripts.




North Carolina State University

Abby graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from North Carolina State University.

Pfeiffer University

Abby graduated with a Masters in Business Administration from Pfeiffer University.


0 Projects Completed

In the business industry, Abby’s engaging content will captivate your audience and motivate them to take your desired action, whether that is requesting for more information or making a purchase. Whether you are selling a physical product or a service, Abby can provide various types of content that will add immense value to your audience and business.

Self Help

0 Projects Completed

Abby is well versed in creating powerful content in the self-help industry. Her copy goes beyond fluffy “feel-good” sayings but include clear, actionable steps that your audience will be able to implement immediately. Her content will position your product or service as the go-to resource for individuals looking to improve various aspects of their lives.


0 Projects Completed

Abby engages in dynamic story telling by utilizing words that are designed to be the sights and sounds that will help your audience visualize themselves interacting with your product or service. She is highly skilled at using interesting, vivid story telling that will create an emotion within your viewers to prime them to purchase from you.


0 Projects Completed

Abby writes focused, powerful video scripts that tell your story to your viewers. Her compelling scripts are designed to educate, inform and influence the buying decision to your favor. Written in an inviting, conversational tone, her video scripts speak directly to your audience. Whether you are featuring a customer success story or showcasing your product or service features, she will provide you an interesting, engaging script with a clear call to action.

Product Description

0 Projects Completed

Abby is an experienced e-commerce sales copywriter, specializing in writing sales copy and product descriptions that convert. She understands the psychology behind customer purchases and the emotions that drive people to take action. She will use your product or service to tell a compelling story so your audience can go from simply visiting your site to taking your desired action, by either actually making a purchase or requesting more information about your product or service.

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