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Kurt started writing for publication while in college during the early 80s. He attained a BA in English literature with a minor in journalism. He was a successful grant writer for many years, and now he's committed himself to a freelance career. He has had good success writing for publications over the last two years.
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Kurt's niche is the great outdoors, from resource conservation to healthy activities exploring the Rocky Mountain West, where he lives.


Recycling and repurposing materials. Fly fishing, ice fishing and freshwater fishing in general. Smoking food. Personal memoirs of having grown up in a small town in the Midwest during the 60s and 70s. Basic Baby Boomer issues.


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Kurt studied writing, as well as American history and geology, while in college. He began writing for publication with The UW-M Post (the college weekly newspaper) and went on the be one of a handful of founding editors for a free-expression (newsprint) magazine called The Crazy Shepherd, which is still in publication in Milwaukee as the Shepherd Express. After decades of working in the environmental field - primarily as a manager of recycling and building deconstruction operations - he decided it was time to follow his passion for the written word and storytelling. He has since been published in trade journals, magazines and online publications, and is finally starting to get paid assignments.

Colorado State University

Kurt was accepted into a graduate-level writing workshop for fiction and completed the course, which was based on peer review with an instructor's oversight. It was a highly beneficial experience.

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Kurt was able to develop experience and skills during the course of hand-dismantling (aka "deconstructing") over 30 primarily residential structures in and around Boulder County and Aspen, Colorado. During his tenure as the Program Manager, he was allowed to utilize his writing skills for promotional literature as well as advertising copy, web content and other marketing collateral.

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Kurt has lived in Colorado for most of his life and has enjoyed hiking in the Rocky Mountains tremendously. When he came across a blog that featured healthy lifestyle stories from Baby Boomers he submitted a post describing what it was like to climb a 14,000-foot peak at the age of fifty-four. It was published without need for editing and became the impetus for his interest in online publication.

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