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Bridena’s obsession with writing started as soon as she was able to read. Years later, her love for writing made her enroll for a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Media Studies at University of Colorado. It is at the University of Colorado that Bridena started copywriting. Bridena is a professional writer with years of experience writing web pages, blog posts and how-to articles. She has a knack for breaking down complex topics into friendly posts. She has a broad base of knowledge that she gets from the deep research she carries out for all her articles to make them stand out. Bridena’s work has been published on hundreds of online sites including blog posts, magazines and websites.

With more than seven years of experience under her belt in the freelance writing industry, Bridena not only prides herself on offering expertly sourced articles but also meeting and surpassing customer expectations in every work she undertakes. Apart from having strong communication skills (both spoken and oral), she also has excellent research skills and is always committed to meeting and beating deadlines.
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As an avid traveler who has traveled around the country and world, Bridena loves tackling travel-related articles. Her articles are easy to read, interesting and full of useful information. Because she's worked with a variety of clients, Bridena also finds it easy to handle, business, home improvement, education, IT, parenting and many other niches.


She is always open minded about topics, but she picks topics that she finds compelling. When she's not busy taking care of her writing projects, Bridena loves swimming, watching movies and riding bicycles with her two daughters. She also likes meeting and making new friends.


University of Colorado at Denver - Denver, Colorado

After she successfully pursued and completed her course in journalism with an emphasis in media studies, Bridena came out prepared to venture into print, broadcasting, mobile communications, Internet, publishing and other media industries. Apart from writing quality content, she can also proofread and edit articles written by novice writers with a lot of ease.


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As a child, Bridena had dreams of wafting around the world and spinning tales about her adventures to family, friends and other people. Luckily, her dreams came true once she completed her studies. She has been to many countries, stayed in different hotels, tasted a variety of cuisines, come face to face with wild impressive animals and experienced different cultures. This explains why she has no problem writing about anything that touches on travel and adventure.

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Being that Bridena also loves staying at home while working or relaxing, she prioritizes cleanliness, beauty and comfort. That's why she likes advising people on how to mow their lawns properly, weed their gardens and carry out renovations for the betterment of their homes year-round. She's straight to the point and always appreciates the positive feed she gets from satisfied clients.


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Ms. Dickinson has years of experience writing business related business articles. She has written for several leading sites and blogs. On Writer Access, I have written numerous posts for different clients.


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Throughout her writing career, Brdena has been concentrating on writing articles. As a professional who understands the importance of meeting and surpassing client expectations, she concentrates on carrying thorough research and coming up with plagiarism-free content that contain no grammatical or spelling errors. On top of that, she also ensures that she submits her work even before the stipulated deadline. This has enabled her to maintain her clients and get more references.

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