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Dylan L
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Oklahoma City, OK
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Dylan L. is an experienced content creator with an emphasis on readability, branding, and presentability. By leveraging your existing buyer's persona with your brand's structure, tone, and unique flow, Dylan L. is able to create content that's honest, valuable, organic, and acts as meaningful thought leadership to your readers.

Your content strategy should be built on a Skyscraper mentality?-?and Dylan L. has over 6 years of experience across industry verticals delivering that experience.

Whether you run a laid-back marketing agency or a cutting edge cloud computing company, Dylan L. can create content that speaks to your readers and keeps them glued to your blog.

Dylan L. is an SME in the following niches.

- Non-profit
- Marketing
- Economics, Finance, and Fintech
- IT
- DevOps, DevSecOps, Agile, etc.
- WordPress, Joomla, PHP, Ruby, etc.
- Cloud computing, AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.
- Manufacturing (e.g., metals, machining, etc.)
- and more!

Whether you need a simple, laid-back, Neil Patel(esk) post on "5 Killer Local SEO Strategies for Restaurants" or that next critical thought piece on "Deploying a Rails App on Elastic Beanstalk", Dylan L. has the deep understanding of content creation nuances and the sharp, research-focused mindset to help you win that next conversion.

Dylan L. has the following certs.

- HubSpot Inbound
- HubSpot Content Marketing
- HubSpot Inbound
- HubSpot Design
- HubSpot Growth Driven Design
- HubSpot Email Marketing
- Google AdWords
- Google Analytics
- Hootsuite Social Media Marketing
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Business, Non-profit, Marketing, Economics, Finance, and Fintech, IT, DevOps, DevSecOps, Agile, etc., WordPress, Joomla, PHP, Ruby, etc., Cloud computing, AWS, Azure, GCP, etc., Manufacturing (e.g., metals, machining, etc.)


Non-profit, Marketing, Economics, Finance, and Fintech, IT, DevOps, DevSecOps, Agile, etc., WordPress, Joomla, PHP, Ruby, etc., Cloud computing, AWS, Azure, GCP, etc., Manufacturing (e.g., metals, machining, etc.) and, of course, dogs!


The University of Oklahoma

The English program at The University of Oklahoma is an extensive program that teaches grammar, writing skills, composition, rhetoric, and literacy.


1,095 Projects Completed

Dylan L. can craft compelling content for B2B and B2C businesses employing a variety of tones and style types. Do you want B2B content that's research-dense with a straightforward business tone? How about B2C content that's laid back, stat-heavy, and filled with thought leadership? Dylan L. can help you create amazing content that perfectly mimics your branding.


701 Projects Completed

Dylan L. has an extensive history working within the marketing industry as a copywriter. Dylan has written blogs for marketing firms that specialize in video creatives, inbound marketing, growth-driven design, mobile marketing, Google UAC campaigns, visual merchandising, sales marketing, and many other marketing niches.

Dylan L. is an avid HubSpot marketing blog reader and participant and has a thorough understanding of the complexities that are involved both in marketing and writing marketing content. Don't get the same run-of-the-mill content that's 90% fluff. Get creative content that convinces and converts.


182 Projects Completed

Dylan L. is specialized in writing finance articles. With over 300 articles under his belt, he has written about a variety of finance-related subjects. The finance genre requires a certain touch in order to write effectively. Dylan L will provide this touch.

Dylan L. can craft a long-form post written about cryptocurrencies or a “mom blog” post about penny-pinching. Dylan L. can mimic the tone and flow required to captivate a specific audience. With an extensive knowledge of finance, banking, credit, savings, and cryptocurrency, Dylan L. can write an article that is as knowledgeable as it is persuasive.

Dylan L makes sure to always keep SEO in the back of his mind and makes his articles natural while retaining good keyword density, link building, meta-descriptions, and titles.

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230 Projects Completed

Dylan L. has been writing blog posts for years now. He has an ability to craft content that fits the needs and tone that you need. Dylan L. is experienced in SEO as well as general good practice in blogging. This includes good scores on Yoast and readability tests. Dylan L. makes sure that his content is a perfect fit; nitpick away.

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