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Sherita B. is a results-driven professional seeking to translate her critical thinking, creative thinking and educational skills toward the achievement of client goals. Also, she is committed to delivering high quality results.

She has worked with non-profits, "for profit" businesses and entrepreneurs on a variety of projects. The exposure she has gained from these experiences has provided her with unique perspectives and skill sets that she applies in the execution of her responsibilities.

While she is driven by excellence, her satisfaction stems from helping clients attain their goals.
Non Profit


 Proposal/grant writing skills
 Program Management skills
 Report writing skills
 Research and Analytic skills
 Potential Funder research skills
 Blogging
 Website content writing skills


On her days of rest, she generally reads and listens to music. Also, she sometimes entertains her family and friends to a "one- woman" comedy show.The comedian featured is none other than herself :).


University of Ghana

Sherita Brace pursued her undergraduate degree in sociology and philosophy where she graduated with honors.

Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, University of Kentucky

Sherita Brace pursued a masters degree in international commerce with a minor in diplomacy. Some of the subjects she focused on comprised economics, international trade, conflict resolution and mediation, Africa’s developmental challenges and diplomacy.

Non Profit

0 Projects Completed

Sherita B. is an international development professional, a writer and a blogger. She provides supports non-profits in the attainment of their goals by providing grant/proposal writing services, blog writing services and non-profit program design services.


0 Projects Completed

Sherita B. is an international development professional who provides grant writing/proposal writing services.An example of her past work experience included working on a capacity boosting grant awarded to the African Union Mission by the World Bank. Upon the successful completion of the project, she prepared another grant for the second phase of the project. In recent times, she has written a grant for a non-profit whose focus is centered on women empowerment.

She realizes the importance of achieving program/project goals and objectives by meeting deadlines. Her work and educational pursuits are always conducted with the end result in mind. Also, her desire for excellence means that she will put in the effort required to produce a compelling and coherent grant that meets the guidelines provided by the funder.

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