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Dave is a freelance writer who specializes in content for small businesses and individuals, often for their websites and social media platforms. He's written several blog posts and articles ranging from short to long form, specializing in a slant towards marketing and promotion.

His work has been published by numerous businesses and entreprenuers looking for exposure. His clients will find that Dave listens to their desires regarding copy and various projects. Whether directed towards a b2b style or general audience, evergreen or cooperate, humorous or stern, Dave prides himself on the versatility he can provide clients.

In addition to his freelance writing work, David also writes and performs music. As a musician for over 10 years, he has the understanding of the workings of a group project on a strict deadline, and the need to meet deadlines in prompt fashion while delivering quality, creative work.

Dave holds a bachelor's degree in music performance and currently lives in New England.
Non Profit
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Dave specializes in:

- Articles
- Blog posts and blurbs
- Social media posts
- Website copy and editing
- Promotional content
- How-to guides
- News article
- Academia
- Product descriptions
- Travel content

Specific topics of particular interest:

- Health, mental-health
- Beauty and fitness
- Spirituality
- Lifestyle
- Sports analysis ranging from college football, NFL, NBA, college basketball, MLB
- Top 10s/Lists
- Politics
- Business promotion
- Movies/TV
- Civil right/activism
- Social commentary
- Pop culture
- Sex
- Music
- Food


His interests in everyday life very much reflect his interests in his writing. Good food, good music and good friends is his mantra to live by.


Community College of RI

Attending Community college directly out of high school, David competed his general education requirements before perusing a career in the arts.

University of Massachusetts

Studying under world-class performers in the music school capital of the world, David learned the ins and outs of musicianship and composition.

Graduated with a GPA of over 3.5

Acted as a tutor and assistant teacher throughout his senior year

Non Profit

11 Projects Completed

Dave has done multiple pieces for non-profts looking to bring awareness of their cause to the public eye. His clients will appreciate the meticulous and detailed research conducted to aid clients in their goals of educating and enlightening their communities, and individuals. David takes pride in proper sourcing and presentation of his work.


8 Projects Completed

Dave has worked for different clients relating to the health field, primarily with senior care, yoga, nutrition and hygiene. Posts ranging from 250 to 600 words that engage readers to take a proactive step and take charge of their health. From helping those looking to lose weight, finding the right Dr., or a write-up of the affects smoking has on pets and human lives, Dave has a variety of experience writing in the Heath industry.


7 Projects Completed

Dave has experience in writing about movies, music, sports and various entertainment channels for clients. He keeps his writings fun, humorous and filled with energy so as to keep readers engaged and excited. His clients appreciate the meticulous research done to highlight and voice the trends and slang of the modern entertainment world within his pieces.

Blog Post

50 Projects Completed

Dave has primarily done blog work for companies using a promotional slant. He has had several posts purchased and rated 5 stars by satisfied clients in a multitude of industries. Typical posts have ranged from a minimum of 250 words per blog-entry to 1000+, utilizing different voices such as evergreen or corporate, witty or frank.

Twitter Post

12 Projects Completed

Dave has penned Twitter hashtags and tweets in order to gain traction for blog content. He creates an enticing and clickworthy tweet that users eagerly engage with. He also uses keywords for SEO and images that catch the eye of a viewer, so as to be noticed when scrolling through a packed timeline.

Product Description

2 Projects Completed

Dave has growing experience in crafting product descriptions for businesses. His goal is to supply as much information as possible given the words limit. To describe the heart of the product and convey the necessary message that will allow the consumer to make an informed choice.

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