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Lauren J’s passion for writing began in childhood and has never stopped. After graduating with a bachelor's in journalism from San Diego State University, she pursued her dream career in employee communications. She’s written everything from articles and workshops to speeches and brochures and has reached more than 500,000 employees across all industries. Clients include Petco, ScrippsHealth, In-N-Out Burger, Websense, Intuit, Sharp HealthCare, SAIC, the American Red Cross, Flextronics, Century Aluminum, and more.

Since becoming a freelance writer and editor, Lauren has expanded her expertise and creative skill set to include book editing, ghostwriting, eBooks, press kits, digital content, and copywriting across all platforms and genres.

If there’s something to be written, Lauren uses her extensive knowledge, attention to detail, and focused listening to make sure the client’s voice is heard and the targeted messaging is precise.

One thing Lauren loves about writing for clients is having the opportunity to explore and evaluate what’s really important to them. She listens to learn their needs and get a clear sense of their values. It’s rewarding when Lauren produces a piece of work and the client says, “That’s me! That’s what I meant! You wrote what I wanted to say!”

Lauren prides herself on giving people her full attention. When she’s discussing a project with a client or author, she’s not sending texts or checking emails or doing the dishes at the same time. She believes clients' time is important and they deserve to be heard. As Henry David Thoreau said, "The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when one asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer."
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When not immersed in writing, Lauren loves weight training, mastering technology, building her e-commerce business, performance arts, road trips, personal development, life-long learning, and dinner parties with good friends.


San Diego State University

Lauren spent her time in college honing her writing and storytelling skills and studying philosophy. She won the "Excellence in Journalism" award for her stint as the art director and feature writer for MONTY Magazine in 1986.


3 Projects Completed

Lauren has worked with multimillion-dollar companies, entrepreneurs, and Hollywood creatives to write educational workshops, change communications, crisis communications, employee rewards programs, wellness programs, organizational development communications, training and development programs, legal transcripts, technical manuals, employee website content, company website content, local news articles, benefits and insurance plans, marketing campaigns, and publicity.


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Bringing wellness to the workplace has been a passion of Lauren's since working as the corporate communication manager for a health care system and consulting for businesses in the health care industry. She has been an avid weight trainer, dancer, and athlete for 25 years, and she loves being a role model and writer for health and vitality. Even while in college, her article for the MONTY magazine addressed health risks and solutions for students under stress.


0 Projects Completed

Lauren has worked with fiction and nonfiction authors as an editor, ghostwriter, and writing mentor to help them publish polished and compelling manuscripts. Genres include self-help, leadership, politics, parenting, mystery, action/adventure, business, and memoir. Lauren is known for making the writing and rewriting process fun and easy for her clients. Another positive outcome of working with Lauren is her clients tend to become friends and create relationships that last...long after their book is published.

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Lauren has created press releases and press kits for authors, entrepreneurs, and corporations to boost their brands, enhance their community presence, and target their media messaging. Lauren helps authors and business owners take advantage of calendar events, current trends, and news stories to repurpose their business messaging or book content and create new opportunities for media coverage.

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Lauren has written newsletters across myriad industries including health care, manufacturing, food service, hospitality, property management, technology and software development, and more. While working at Century Aluminum, Lauren created the popular "Monday Memo" which featured news from all facilities (including Iceland), a weekly message from the Plant Manager or CEO, and department updates. Following the 2008 financial crisis, the "Monday Memo" served as a successful instrument to promote behavioral change and cost-cutting measures so the company could stay in business.


0 Projects Completed

While working as a communication consultant, Lauren wrote a variety of brochures for clients including Petco, Intuit, SAIC, In-N-Out Burger, Flextronics, Sharp HealthCare, BEA, Huhtamaki, Century Aluminum, ScrippsHealth, Websense, and more. Brochure topics included financial planning, how-to guides, employee onboarding, wellness activities, benefit enrollment, customer services, hazardous material mitigation marketing, and system redesign guidelines for employees.

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