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Amy has worked as a freelance writer for more than a year. She has a bachelor's degree in English, and experience working in the magazine publishing industry. Amy has also written for SEO optimization. She has contributed to publications such as, The Dollar Stretcher,, and The Penny Hoarder. She also wrote a column for her local newspaper.
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Health, Medical, Natural Living, Frugality


Nutrition, Fitness, Living on a Budget, Alternative Medicine, Beauty, Supplements


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Amy earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in an accelerated 3.5 years, and graduated cum laude.


145 Projects Completed

Amy currently ghostwrites health articles on a variety of topics for private clients. She enjoys using scientific research to add credibility to her articles, and often cites scientific studies. She loves learning new information about health and conveying it to readers in an easy-to-understand format. Examples of recent health topics she's written about include Ayurvedic herbs, fish oil, medical marijuana, and snoring.


52 Projects Completed

Amy has completed many medical articles for private ghostwriting clients. Examples of medical issues she's recently written about include foot cramps, Prediabetes, total shoulder replacement, winter injuries, and dementia. Using credible medical sources only, Amy researches what the average person needs to know about a specific condition or disease, and then organizes that information into an easy-to-read format.


50 Projects Completed

Amy loves helping readers discover the healing power of nutrition. She has written many blog posts and articles on nutrition, focusing on both food and dietary supplements. Examples of recent nutrition topics she's covered include vegan diets, antioxidants, and foods to eat for great skin. Amy's interest in nutrition is also personal--she has been a vegetarian since childhood.


151 Projects Completed

Amy has written many articles for both print and online publications. She believes articles explore topics more deeply than blog posts, but that they should do so in a way that's succinct and interesting. Most of the articles she writes are between 500 and 900 words.

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98 Projects Completed

Amy has written many blog posts of varying lengths--from short 300-word pieces to longer 700-word blogs. She focuses on making blog posts readable and scannable, including headings, numbered lists, and bullet points whenever possible.

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