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Alexander has worked at a venture capital firm with over $1B under management. He has traded stocks independently for over 20 years. He has been a professional proofreader at AllianceBernstein and Standard & Poor's in NYC.

These are all things that he has done. None of which are who he is. He is a writer.

Alexander has one experience that, above all else, showcases his abilities as a deadline-driven writer. A few years ago, a friend called him; JetBlue was having an essay contest and the winner would earn a no-qualification-time-required entry into The Boston Marathon, plus airfare. He had one hour left to enter. Five hundred words.

Having spent years in Boston cheering on the runners each Patriots' Day, he typed up a brief essay on what the race meant to him.

He submitted my writing. A week later, he looked up an unrecognized incoming number on my phone. Google confirmed it: JetBlue. His jaw went slack. He had a grand total of six weeks to go from couch-jockey 5K slogger to endurance athlete prepared to conquer Heartbreak Hill.

His goal was to beat Mike Huckabee, but the would-be president pulled out with a last-minute injury. Alexander finished in just under four hours. Lance Armstrong beat him by an hour. Alexander has his suspicions.
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Finance, entrepreneurship, food, sports, essays...translating the technical and difficult to understand into readable, engaging prose.


Middling marathon runner, voracious reader, enthusiastic (if untalented) kickboxer, curious world traveler, avid home chef.


University of Vermont

Graduated with honors, GPA 3.8.


100 Projects Completed

Alexander started his finance career at Boston-based venture capital firm Atlas Venture, helping to manage over $1B in investor funds. Following that, he traded stocks independently for over 20 years. During that period, he also moonlit as a copyeditor and proofreader at AllianceBernstein and Standard & Poor's in NYC for seven years.


50 Projects Completed

From his days listening to pitches from entrepreneurs at Atlas Venture to researching and trading America's largest public companies, Alexander has a wide width and breadth of experience with the inner working of businesses of all sizes. He has worked with the people behind the corporate logos and slick PR releases for his entire working life. The business world is often designed to make people forget that there are human beings, fallible and prone to error, behind all of the expensive marketing machinery and corporate window dressing. Adding a relatable, personal tone to the often bone-dry (and stone-boring) content of business writing is one of the things he does best.

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50 Projects Completed

Alexander has written for a wide variety of goods and services companies. He understands that tone varies dramatically from industry to industry; financial services will tend to be polished, assured, and reserved, while corporate team building will be upbeat, energetic, and designed to excite. "What is the intended audience? What structure and language will resonate most with them?"

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Alexander has written radio scripts for a wide variety of businesses. Communicating information quickly and succinctly, he engages listeners with memorable and lively prose, coining phrases that go on to be used time and again by his clients. Strict time limits demand the most from a strict economy of words, and Alexander delivers maximum impact in 30 seconds or less.

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