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Freelance copywriter, creator of content for real estate investment firms, financial services firms, and other small businesses. Additional experience in independent equity research (Seeking Alpha).
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Finance, Investing, Financial Services, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Private Equity, Asset Management, Investor Relations, Gaming Industry


Finance, Investing, Real Estate


Marymount University

3.45 GPA

Real Estate

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Produced content for two marketing campaigns launched by a private real estate investment firm. Campaigns focused on attracting high net worth investors who had an interest in investing funds (either from a liquidity event or from excess capital) into private real estate investments.

Blog Post

3 Projects Completed

Produced blog content for two inbound marketing campaigns. The client was a real estate investment manager that was seeking out accredited (high net worth) investors who may be interested in real estate investing.


2 Projects Completed

Produced two eBooks as part of a series of marketing campaigns launched by a private real estate investment firm to promote their services to high net worth investors. The two eBooks focused on two segments of this market: high net worth investors who had just experienced a liquidity event (sale of a business), and high net worth investors who were looking to invest excess capital from an existing business.

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