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Writing is an extension of a person's experiences, and Amy has had quite a few. In 2014, she graduated from New York Law School with a Juris Doctor degree. She has interned with wildlife refuges and skydived professionally. Recently, she worked for an outdoor retail store, gaining additional knowledge about outdoor recreation gear and customers. Her experiences are vast and far-reaching giving her a large knowledge pool from which to draw. She has used this knowledge as a professional writer for the past two years. She has written high-quality, original content based on a variety of keywords, topics, and search terms. She has recently started writing unique content for a local outdoor recreation store and blog posts for a company that rents out adventure campervans. She specializes in writing outdoor recreation content on a variety of subjects. These days, Amy enjoys spending most days romping through the woods with her two dogs and taking trips to the local crag to rock climb with friends.
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Amy enjoys writing many different types of content but specializes in:

*Blog posts
*Product descriptions
*Social media posts
*Thought-leader content
*White papers
*Creative writing
*General articles


Amy is an adrenaline junkie. She spent eight years skydiving professionally before turning to rock climbing to fulfill her adrenaline needs. She is the proud mother of two precocious dogs, Halo and Siku, that keep her smiling and laughing to no end.

Amy's love for the outdoors is unmatched. She starts each morning with a cup of black coffee and a long stroll through the woods with her dogs. She does most of her living out of doors and enjoys the kiss of sunshine on her cheek and wind in her hair. She spends many a night staring up at the stars while listening to the nightly calls of the woods.

She is content with the simple pleasures in life and tries to live each day intentionally. She is currently interested in building out a cargo van and living on the road with Halo and Siku. The idea of living with less excites her. Adventure is her favorite medicine.

She loves knowledge and has a high sense of curiosity. When she is not writing or playing outside with her dogs, she can be found reading interesting books, listening to informative podcasts, or climbing at the local crag with friends.


University of West Alabama

Amy studied Environmental Science at the University of West Alabama. She has the opportunity to explore the woods in creeks around the area studying trees, plants and animals. After completing a course in Subtropical Ecology, she traveled all over Florida examining the many species of plants and animals and the environments in which they live.

New York Law School

Amy lived in Brooklyn, NY while studying law in Tribeca. In her final year, she focused her studies on Environmental Law. She interned with The Environmental Protection Agency and worked on a white paper project with The Nature Conservancy.


0 Projects Completed

Amy has written content for Alabama Outdoors in the form of blogs, internal announcements, social media posts and newsletters. She writes stories about outdoor exploits and promotional pieces on outdoor apparel and gear. She also writes content for GearBox Adventure Rentals, a company that specializes in campervan rentals and other outdoor equipment. She has written several blog posts and copy for this company.

Blog Post

0 Projects Completed

Amy has written a variety of blog posts on many different topics. She specializes in content for the outdoor recreation industry. She has written stories about people in the industry, informative articles and thought-leader pieces.

White Paper

0 Projects Completed

While attending law school, Amy worked with The Nature Conservancy on a white paper project. She worked with a team of student members researching and compiling informative information on a topic of particular interest to the organization.

Product Description

0 Projects Completed

Amy has written numerous product descriptions for a variety of companies over the years. Recently, she has had the opportunity to write product descriptions specific to the outdoor recreation industry. Many of her product descriptions had an SEO component involved.

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