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Tom has been involved in the IT industry for over 23 years which involves managing the IT department for a growing financial institution, to now running his own IT consulting firm and web development/design company. He has also worked emergency services arena for 18 years, from volunteering as a heavy lifting and extrication technician, to underwater search and recovery, through 10 years in the fire service as a lineman and engineer and being licensed as an EMT for over 15 years. As a part time employee, he functions as an EMT on a duty crew for our local ambulance agency, and recently spent 5 years volunteering on the State of Illinois Emergency Medical Response Team. Serving as an adjunct faculty member of a local Community College, he spends quite a bit of time teaching EMS, First Aid and CPR to health professionals and citizens alike. After completing an advanced course in mortuary science Tom was licensed as a Funeral Director and Embalmer, and was employed for over 10 years in the Funeral Home Service Industry. Though not currently working at a funeral home, he continues to maintain his license and Continuing Credit Hours. As a licensed Class A CDL Driver, he has performed in the AG industry and assisted with crop harvest for most of his life. Any free time Tom has revolves around his family and his church, where in addition to serving faithfully, he also coordinates ushering duties, assists in the security and emergency preparedness for the congregation, and enjoys teaching his 7th grade Sunday School class.
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American Heart Association Instructor
Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer
IL-OSFM Instructor 1 Certified
IDPH EMT-B Certification


Fire & Rescue, Ag, Information Technology, Classical Music as well as acapella choral music and orchestra, family activity, financial management


Illinois Central College

After attempting a few semesters of college upon graduating High School, back in 1996, Tom put his education on hold for a few years. Realizing it was time for a change of pace, and a change in careers, he reignited his educational studies, first starting at the Illinois Central College. The goal at this time was to complete the necessary course requirements to pursue a degree in Mortuary Science.

Carl Sandburg College

Upon completing the required general studies at the Illinois Central College, Tom was enrolled at Carl Sandburg's College of Mortuary Science in Galesburg, IL. The course load was strict, having nearly 24 hours per semester. Commuting each day from his home about 1 hour from the school, he was able to complete in nearly 9 months what many students take 2 years to complete. The degree in Mortuary Science, followed by successfully taking and passing the State Board Examinations, allowed Tom to not only complete his 1 year apprenticeship in the state but also obtain his license as a Funeral Director and Embalmer.


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Tom's medical experience dates back over 15 years to the beginnings of my career in Emergency Medicine. His exposure to a long list of medical and trauma calls while working in the back of an ambulance has given him a number of experiences on which to build my level of expertise. In addition to my work in the ambulance, he shares those experiences as a teacher at the local community college where he can be found lecturing on EMS, First Aid or CPR processes as well as leading lab work and practical skills examinations. 10 years ago, Tom was initiated into the fire service as a probationary firefighter, and today continues as a lineman, but more often can be found in the drivers seat or at the controls of our pump panel. When not on the fire ground, he can be heard providing instruction to our fellow firefighters through his Instructor 1 certification through the office of the state fire marshal. In 2007 Tom began his training in the field of Mortuary Science where he studied chemistry, pathology, microbiology and anatomy, backing that with the business management, business law and business administration studies needed to complete the curriculum. Following his education, Tom spent 10 years in the front office of a funeral home meeting with families helping prepare for the final rest of their loved ones, as well as working in the preparation room where the final steps were taken to prepare the family member's loved one's remains for visitations, funerals, burials and cremations.


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It's hard to think about how to categorize expertise when it comes to relationships. Some people will go to college for years and get advanced degrees on relationships. There are relationship experts all over the internet now, and one can't believe that all of those people went off to get 'relationship psychology' or 'counseling' degrees. Tom can categorize his expertise through my experience, after spending 10 years working with families at the funeral home. He has built relationships with each of those families from the time he was at their home following a death, to the last moments before we close the lid of the casket. Tom has also been building relationships on the local fire department and ambulance squad for over 15 years now moving into an instructional role and shift management role. He continues building relationships at their thriving IT Consulting company, not only the relationships with the clients, but also cultivating relationships between the clients and their technical staff. One of the most recent relationships Tom has experienced is with the young minds he has been teaching through our Sunday School. All of these different avenues of experience have not made him an expert by any means, but have given him opportunity time and time again to re-examine his own relationships with others.

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To say that Tom drafts a lot of emails in a day is a little bit of an understatement. The majority of his day is drafting, sending, receiving and reading emails. It's not uncommon to see over 100-150 emails pass through his inbox in a day. Part of that reasoning is because of the number of aspects he has to deal with in a day. For instance, the day starts out pretty common with responding to emails that come into their IT consulting company. Once these are read, they are either responded to by Tom himself, or delegated off to one of his technicians, possibly a web designer or developer, or even off to their head of marketing. Throughout the day there will undoubtedly be a barrage of emails coming in from, or going out to many of the other EMS providers, firefighters or faculty members with which he corresponds. This does leave a few emails for family and friends.

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