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Cynthia H
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Creativity guides my life, whether during my "day job" at a major greeting card company, writing for my own fulfillment or writing for hire in an online format. I am also a visual artist having works on public display as well as custom artwork (primarily pen and ink). Art, writing and creativity in general feed my soul and serve as perfect, effective therapy. It is my life force, one which I lovingly share.
Consumer Goods


sales-driven product description, blog writing (primarily sales-driven or with the purpose of influence), creative writing


Art, writing, sewing


Kent State University, Lakeland Community College

Writing is an essential part of life, communicating as a means of transmitting ideas, opinions and emotions. It can be enjoyable, painful, powerful, persuasive and sensual. Writing is a gift to humanity as old as time and perpetually refreshed.

Consumer Goods

101 Projects Completed

This writing is for the purpose of influencing the mind of the reader. Blog writing under the guise of a motivated satisfied customer, or writing a positive product description achieve those objectives.


101 Projects Completed

Her area of experience seems to lie in product description and ghost blog writing. Describing inanimate objects using emotionally stirring language is fascinating to her and an effective vehicle for the client. With regard to sales, her belief is that people make purchases based upon how these descriptions make them feel, not simply listing parts and functions.

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