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Tom H
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Tom had always wanted to be a writer. He was. But not a professional one. He had focused on crafting fiction as that market slowly died and competition became fiercer.
Collecting stacks of encouraging rejection letters had become a hobby. The form letters found their way to the round file. Slowly wained the output of lies committed to paper.
Time passed and he dusted off the prosery. He cobbled together ad copy for direct mail campaigns, handouts, and electronic marketing eventually.
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Appliance repair, Residential Construction, Laundromats


Travel, cooking, gardening, woodworking, and woodcarving are some of my active pursuits.


4 Projects Completed

Tom has transitioned from a position as a supervisory and training appliance repair technician to a content provider for various appliance service company blogs. Working with large home appliances for over twenty years has allowed him to see the transition from the energy-hungry relics of the past to the complex and lean machines today. He is a highly trusted and valued service tech and is ready to translate that into content for your needs.

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8 Projects Completed

Tom has been creating content for blogs personally and professionally for over ten years. He recently discovered the joy of food and travel writing after years of piecing together ad copy for various retail and service enterprises. He also offers his expertise in appliance service to facilitate customer outreach and retention.

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