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Erin has published pieces on numerous websites, including ModernMom, ProFlowers, eHow, TheNest and SharisBerries. Capable of writing about an array of topics, her work as a school administrator makes her most adept at writing about education and parenting. She also has managerial experience in the world of business, giving her the know-how required to tackle business topics with ease.

She has much SEO experience and is capable of integrating keywords in an effective and unobtrusive fashion.

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Erin has composed copious SEO articles for publication on internet sites including RedEnvelope, ProFlowers, ModernMom and eHow.

Industry Projects

  • Education100+
  • Kids/Family100+
  • Relationships100+
  • Women100+
  • Office100+
  • Fashion50+

Summary of Industry Experience


As an administrator at an inner-city public charter school, Erin has extensive experience in the realm of education. She has parlayed this experience into her freelancing work, composing articles on education-related topics for websites including ModernMom.com and eHow.com.


Erin holds a teaching certification from the State of Ohio Department of Education. In working to obtain this certification, she studied child development extensively, giving her insight into this particular topic. She has written many pieces about children and families on topics including: outlining games for children, tips for dealing with behavior problems and advice for children.


Erin has long been interested in the complexities of the human relationship and has written many articles that pertain to this topic. Articles of which she is most proud include an article outlining reasons why happily married women continue to flirt and articles that offer advice to online daters. She has also written many dating advice articles for gifting websites including ProFlowers.com and RedEnvelop.com


Erin wrote extensively for the motherhood community website ModernMom.com. As a working mother herself, she is capable of capturing the complexities of life a modern woman must face effectively in text. Her articles speak to women readers and use a mixture of humor and honesty to send a message to readers and make them feel less alone in facing life's challenges.


Erin works as a school administrator and, as such, is active in the hiring and recruitment process. This experience gives her unique insight into the business world, insight that she has used to compose pieces that provided advice to both employers and employees on an assortment of work related topics. These articles have been published on sites including eHow and Chron.com


A long time student of fashion and beauty, Erin is very capable of writing on these topics. She has composed many fashion-related articles, providing tips for both dressing and beauty enhancement. These SEO style articles capture readers and page-views for publishing sites.These articles have been published on sites including ModernMom and eHow.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+

Summary of Product Experience


Erin has composed copious SEO articles for publication on internet sites including RedEnvelope, ProFlowers, ModernMom and eHow.

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