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Shawna has been writing professionally for 2 years. She has been writing since she learned to read and is proud to have earned an honorable mention in a statewide governor's literary contest in the 5th-grade.
She chose to study Philosophy in college due to a large amount of critical reading and writing. One of her papers on Freidrich Nietzsche was selected by the Temple University Philosophy department for submission to a Philosophical journal.
She spent most of her career in the Advertising and marketing industry with an emphasis on accounting. She has a great deal of proofreading experience.
Shawna is a diverse writer who is comfortable with both academic and narrative work. She contributes blog posts to a wide variety of industries.
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Blog posts, copywriting, product descriptions


Books, fountain pens, science, medicine, fashion, and beauty, Siamese cats and cooking


Temple University

Shawna primarily studied Philosophy but also delved into English Literature, Art History, and French when her schedule allowed.


70 Projects Completed

Shawna is known for her straightforward and often humorous writing. She is well versed in concisely explaining a wide variety of products and industries.

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70 Projects Completed

Shawna enjoys contributing her writing skills to established brands as well as high-tech start-up company blogs. She is skilled at writing for a variety of industries from fashion to pharmaceuticals. All projects are given equal attention to detail.
Shawna is known for her careful, in-depth research. Her writing emphasizes quality over fluffy filler copy. She is dedicated to putting her clients' best feet word with a confident, authoritative tone that can be as light-hearted or as academic as is required. She always writes with an eye to avoiding keyword stuffing in order to optimize search engine results.

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