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If you ask Mike what his passion is, he will quickly answer “writing.” From sports editor for his high school newspaper to his first reporting job to a public relations staffer for a community college in the Colorado Rockies, writing stories has kept him going.

After earning his journalism degree at the University of Northern Colorado, Mike quickly put his skills to work for several radio stations, where he produced, wrote and edited news stories. He transferred those skills to the newspaper industry, where he blossomed.

Mike wrote about a myriad of subjects, from breaking news to human interest feature stories to business, government and politics. Along the way, Mike refined and updated his skills and talents, with an emphasis on being as fair, accurate and objective as possible.

He learned well, as his stories garnered many awards and tributes from those he wrote about and readers alike. They appreciated his ability to tell a good and fair story, to effectively explain technical subjects, to get an emotional reaction— that a-ha moment — to wake them up to a new way of thinking or acting. To make a difference.

Perhaps his most important lesson was realizing no matter what you write, you must remember your audience. That’s carried over into his content writing.

Mike has written articles about education, agriculture, green living and others. He’s also composed blog posts, transcribed audio interviews, written personal profiles and press releases. Throughout his writing, Mike has always striven to produce excellent sentences, paragraphs and stories.

His career also helped Mike become deadline-driven and detail-oriented and he has no problems handling multiple projects. Some other skills and talents include page layout and design, SEO and web design knowledge.

Take a look at Mike’s profile and portfolio and see how he can help you with effective content that will meet your goals. If you have questions, send Mike a message.

He’ll be happy to answer. After all, he’ll be writing.
Press Release
Radio Spot
Green Living


• Consistently recognized as a prolific content writer and editor with a flair for identifying, researching and producing interesting and meaningful content and stories.

• Exceptionally strong copy-editing skills, effective headline writing, an allergy to typos, grammatical mistakes, stylistic and factual inconsistencies.

• Deadline-driven and detail-oriented.

• Produce quality content remotely, independently and in teams.

• Robust technical profile with the ability to maintain, augment and improve online presence.

• Exceptional organization, communication, online research and social media skills.

• Known for adaptability, resourcefulness and innovative problem-solving.

• Article writing

• Blog writing

• Content writing

• Ghost writing

• Editing, proofreading

• Research

• Fact-checking

• AP Style


• Environment/natural resources

• Education

• Hemp

• Business

• Breaking news

• Feature/human interest stories

• Politics/government


University of Northern Colorado


2,000 Projects Completed

Many articles focused on the roles local, state and national government play in society.


175 Projects Completed

Mike has written many articles/stories that involve local businesses and how they are succeeding or struggling: Business openings and closings, sales tax revenue and employment and others. Mike produced many such stories that helped provide a good look at local and regional economic conditions.


50 Projects Completed

From farm and ranch visits to agricultural events that highlighted latest industry developments, Mike has produced many ag-related articles. One key article detailed why farmers on Colorado's West Slope turned to hemp as an alternative crop to help improve income.


25 Projects Completed

Researched, wrote and edited feature news releases for Colorado Mountain College’s Public Information Office on innovative programs and degrees, student and graduate features, faculty/staff stories.

Created website content for CMC’s Marketing Department in celebration of the school’s 50th anniversary; interviewed lifelong students, long-term board members, staff and instructors.

Green Living

6 Projects Completed

Produced content about the growing popularity of hemp as an alternative crop for Western Colorado farmers, a 3-part series on the environment of Western Colorado and how climate change could affect the state's big game herds.


4,000 Projects Completed

As a journalist, Mike produces countless articles, stories and content, with each approached with the goal of producing effective and positive results.

Press Release

150 Projects Completed

Produced many news briefs and press releases for Colorado Mountain College as a staff member and freelance writer. Each was designed to promote the community college's students, programs, educators and degrees, along with community involvement and support.

Radio Spot

50 Projects Completed

Copywriting skills used to produce radio PSAs that promoted events for Colorado Mountain College as a staff member and freelance writer. Many highlighted the community college's theater program, on campus free music concerts and art gallery shows.


25 Projects Completed

Each year, Colorado Mountain College honors its full- and part-time professors with faculty-of--the-year awards by surprise in-class presentations by the college president. Attended several of these to obtain photos, interviewed each honored faculty, researched and fact-checked the award requirements, then wrote and edited an article with photos.

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