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She began writing poetry from a very young age; today, she has written pieces within fields of politics, sociology, and gender studies. She is interested in the intersection of race, gender, and religion.

Social commentary through writing is a powerful tool to give the voiceless a voice. She believes that feelings and emotions are crucial components to writing. Her writings encapsulate a wide range of formats such as blogs, journal entries, poetry, news articles, essays, and lyrics. These diverse formats enable her to engage and interact with her audience on an emotional basis.

On top of writing on her personal blogs, some of her articles have been published on several student online platforms. She strives to grow her connections within journalism and expand her online platforms.


Journaling, interviews, political writing, blogging, critical analysis of social events.


Global politics, pop culture, refugee crises, music analysis, and gender violence.


Earlham College

She graduated with a double degree in Human Development and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her minor concentration is Middle Eastern Studies.


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Politics is one of the main topics discussed in Amirah's writing. In discussing politics, Amirah often deconstructs a structural phenomenon and connects it to people's lived experiences. For instance, in a piece called "the Strategic Irony of 9/11", Amirah discusses the paradox of sentiments against terrorism post 9/11 and how it affects the lives of millions of civilians within and outside of the United States.


0 Projects Completed

In this piece called "How Entitlement Led to Normalized Monogamy", Amirah writes about the connection between our capitalist mindset and the way it influences our perception of human interactions and personal relationships. Within this piece, Amirah uses her personal experience and knowledge as a Gender Studies major, to analyze how real-lived experiences are shaped by larger intersecting systems of oppression.

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