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As a freelancer, Brandon is a detail-minded, deadline-driven, creator of original content. He prides himself on versatility as a writer, editor, and course developer; skills all honed throughout a decade of Higher Education experience. Moreover, he is a client-centered communication professional that strives to understand your business needs.

He completed his undergraduate degree at Temple University, where he received a B.A. in English Literature. Though his studies focused on the works of everyone from Shakespeare to Pirandello to the entire spectrum of modernist writers, he did concentrate on writing; producing two plays and a plethora of poems and stories. During his time at Temple, he also studied for a year at the campus in Rome, Italy. His graduate studies focused on the field of Communication, where he graduated from Drexel University with an M.S. in the spring of 2010. At Drexel he refined his humanist background in literature with the necessary social science theory of communication, blending art and science in a way envisioned by the great Enlightenment thinkers.

His resume is extensive when it comes to the field of Higher Education, where both academic and administrative positions allowed him multitudinous opportunities to showcase his writing skills. He has developed marketing campaigns, email campaigns for customer relationship management (CRM) systems, web copy, and social media campaigns. Furthermore, as an accomplished course designer, he is capable of producing entire curricula or single presentations following recognized standards of the medium, including Quality Matters.

As a freelance writer, editor, course designer, and social media expert, Brandon understands that writing is your business.
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Business Presentations
Press Releases
Academic Writing
Social Media Management


Education (Higher Education, Adult Education, Teaching, College Admissions)
Literature (Fiction, Poetry, Drama)
Guitar(Guitar Playing, Guitar Repair, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar)
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Temple University Rome

Studies included Italian language, art, history, and culture, as well as literature and writing workshops. Two independent study courses focused on the works of Petrarch, Dante, and Boccaccio.

Temple University

Magna Cum Laude
Graduated University Honors Program

Drexel University

Public Communication


20 Projects Completed

Ten plus years in academia writing and producing presentations, designing courses, and developing marketing materials. Course materials include classroom presentations, academic syllabi, and course flowcharts. Developed email marketing plans for Customer Relation Management systems and marketing presentations. Contributed to social media management and also wrote content for websites as well.


3 Projects Completed

Wrote a few articles describing the effects of drug use on the human body. Subjects included the stages of drug use, the emotional effects of drug use, and the causes of drug addiction. Pieces were between 800-100 words each and were for educational purposes. Each piece included original research. Wrote each piece using short paragraph form.


2 Projects Completed

Researched background material for a partisan book on current political events. Performed follow-up research for an accompanying blog. Wrote 70 biographical entries for the appendix of the book. Write 15 blog entries and included official citations for research. Worked closely with the author to develop the theme of the book and the accompanying blog as well.


5 Projects Completed

Wrote articles as an educator and as a freelancer, for educational and advertising purposes. Articles topics include Homeland Security, Drug Addiction, and Higher Education. Article writing has incorporated a mixture of opinion, original research, and person interviews, depending on the subject matter. Article lengths have been between 800-2000 words.


3 Projects Completed

Developed content for numerous brochures as an educator before branching out as a freelancer. Brochure work has been concentrated in the education field, with content mostly written as marketing for academic programs for various universities. Brochure types include course catalogs, program brochures, class listing brochures, and a number of academic reviews.

Press Release

2 Projects Completed

Took a major course in press release writing in graduate school. Understand the ins-and-outs of a simple release and how to convey the important points for the proper audience. Previous releases include one in the field of education and one in for a company that donated to hurricane relief funds.

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