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While in college, Heather gained extensive experience in the customer service industry, and later worked as an early childhood educator. Since graduating with an English degree, Heather has primarily worked in the standardized testing industry. She is skilled at evaluating writing quality, managing raters and scoring leaders, and producing and specializing in training content used during scoring.

Her experience has left her with a comprehensive understanding of essay-writing and evaluating reading comprehension. Her experience managing others has made her proficient in delegation and management techniques, as well as more confident in her ability to successfully convey ideas to others both in writing and via one-on-one discussion.

Heather N. obtained a B.A. in English with a minor in Anthropology from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Her passion is creative writing, and for many years she has been actively working on short stories and has completed several novels (which are as yet unpublished). Her experiences in the standardized testing industry led her to view her writing ability as not just a creative gift, but also as an asset to be utilized.

A working mother of two, Heather strives to balance work and home life, expanding her professional horizons and keeping abreast of her children's progress in school through homework help and supplemental lessons. She lives in Texas, is proficient in English (her native language), and has a basic grasp of Spanish.
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Heather has written blog posts and articles on a variety of topics, from retail to fashion to construction. Thanks to her superior research skills, she can quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of a topic, and can easily write an article in her own words based on reputable sources. She has written more articles about health and fitness than any other topic, as this is a subject she has been studying and applying to her own life for over a decade. She also has expertise on language acquisition and early childhood development.


Heather's primary passion has always been reading and writing fiction. Her favorite authors include Kurt Vonnegut, Barbara Kingsolver, and T.C. Boyle. She is also a fitness buff, applying scientific research and principles to her ongoing quest to improve her own health. She enjoys spending time with children and animals, striving to balance intellectual pursuits with a warm, nurturing home life.


Texas State University

Heather worked her way through college while supporting herself via customer-service jobs. A dedicated and serious student, Heather frequently secured a position on the Dean's List and graduated Cum Laude.


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Since beginning freelance work, Heather has written several articles for a fitness company. She is a preferred writer for the company and has pitched several accepted topics on a variety of fitness-related interests.

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Heather writes blog posts for businesses who are utilizing Inbound Marketing techniques to engage and inform readers. She has covered a wide range of topics from an array of industries. A successful post requires targeted research (both of the topic and the client) careful planning and crafting of written content, strong editing skills, and receptivity to feedback and editing requests from clients. Her acceptance rate is well above average.

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