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Simply put, Monica was born to write. She was also born to wander. She combines both by exploring new places and writing about them. Monica’s business background is in travel with more than 20 years experience as a reservationist, trainer, manager, copy editor and copywriter. She has composed training manuals, brochures and copy for online travel sites. Monica also has an interest in the natural sciences and has written articles on subjects as varied as dinosaurs, geology and bonsai trees. Additional services offered include ghostwriting, poetry, fiction, humorous text and editing. Monica has also written plays and has seen two of her scripts make it to the stage.


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  • Travel500+
  • Outdoor/Recreation100+
  • Hospitality100+
  • Humor100+
  • Science100+
  • Garden100+

Summary of Industry Experience


In addition to the hotel/RV articles, Monica has written destination pieces for Hawaii, the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. She has travel articles on sites such as Bonsai Ireland, USAToday.com and Livestrong.com. She also acted as a writer and managing country editor for an online travel guide service based in England, and was the in-house writer/editor for a leading boutique hotel site in British Columbia.


Monica is an avid RVer and writes articles on camping, where to find RV campgrounds, National Parks and RV care and function.


Monica has more than 20 years experience in the hospitality industry. Her articles have covered locales across the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and beyond. She holds Destination Specialist Certificates for all of the Hawaiian Islands and has both lived and worked on the various islands.

Monica is well traveled, both abroad and within the United States. She also travels in an RV part of the year, producing articles on camping, RV parks and general destination information.


Writing is Monica's passion. Creating humor makes it all that much sweeter. She has scores of flippant poems under her belt, three plays, two of which have been performed on stage, and a host of other projects in the works.

Monica has done quite a bit of ghostwriting, and because of confidentiality agreements cannot get specific about what, when and where. One client created an entire persona for Monica after the first article she submitted and it turned into a series.


Monica has published articles on dinosaurs, pre-historic plants, geology, botany, marine science, volcanoes and other wonders of the natural world.


Monica has written articles on everything from plant classification to photosynthesis. Some of her work has to do botany in the modern world, while other articles explore plants found during time of the dinosaurs. Other pieces take on a more humorous bent. She is also a guest writer on Bonsai Ireland where she explores the different types of Japanese gardens found around the world.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Press Release20+
  • Newsletter Content20+

Summary of Product Experience


Monica has clients around the globe. She has over 1,000 articles written under her name and at least that many ghostwritten.

Press Release

Press releases and advertising are part of Monica's work promoting plays for the local theatre group. This is pro-bono work, so she can't count them as paid work. She has also written speeches as a ghostwriter, but because of confidentiality issues cannot name the clients.

Newsletter Content

Monica created content for travel newsletters while working with a major travel firm and while serving as an inhouse editor at a bed and breakfast reservation service. Her experience extends to the theater arts where she regularly promoted musicals, dramas and comedic productions.

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