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Shawn P
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Buffalo, NY
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Shawn is an effective writer that can bring engaging content to a wide range of clients. While he was a student, Shawn built a reputation for high volume, high quality writing among his research professors. Their recommendations guided him to write content and manage social media for internationally-renowned NGOs and major academic institutes with impressive results. In his free time, Shawn channeled his passion for a variety of subjects into writing op-eds, blog posts, and peer-editing the content of his colleagues. Shawn has experience founding organizations, creating meaningful content, and building marketing campaigns that build audiences and bring customers.
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White papers, policy briefs, op-eds, blog posts, social media management, Arabic/German/English translation


Politics, business, Mixed Martial Arts, crime reporting, hip-hop music trends, data analysis


Tufts University

Graduated from a top 30 university and a top 10 international relations program.


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As an experienced domestic and international politics writer, Shawn is capable of handling a wide range of political subjects. His past research interests include new political movements, the Arab Spring, political economy, and technology and privacy.

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Shawn is an energetic blog poster that condenses complex and interesting subject material into easily digestable articles.

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Shawn has researched and authored internal and external policy briefs used by policymakers and NGOs to build international development programs and make key decisions to solve tough political dilemmas.

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