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Brittany is a freelance writer with a strong background in healthcare, automotive service and repair and health and wellness. She is proficient in transcription and proofreading.

Brittany has over nine years experience in the medical field from serving as a combat medic in the US Army to working as an emergency medical technician and office manager for a privately owned ems company. Brittany was also an office manager and apprentice technician for a private automotive service and repair company for over three years. Brittany still performs her own maintenance and repair on her own vehicles. She completed training in massage therapy and has many years of experience with natural wellness products and services. Brittany makes all natural beauty and bath products as a hobby. She is a very dedicated and determined individual who is also creative and loves learning new things. Brittany welcomes challenges and never backs down.
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Automotive repair and maintenance, healthcare, wellness, pet care and information,


Automotive, lifestyle, wellness, education, self-improvement, health, parenting, farming, agriculture, outdoors, career, relationships, psychology


Copiah Lincoln Community College

Brittany attended public school from kindergarten through sixth grade. In 1998 school shootings had astounded the nation and many parents were concerned. Brittany's parents decided to homeschool her through high school. Brittany completed her studies and received her GED two years ahead of her former classmates. She went on to receive a scholarship to a local community college.


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Brittany grew up in a rural farming community. From an early age, Brittany was learning to care for various animals. Brittany has continued to love and care for many different animals throughout her adult life. She has helped rescue and re-home a variety of pets. Brittany continues to learn about pets and wildlife and looks forward to working with animals for years to come.


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Brittany helped run a small automotive repair shop for 3 years. She still repairs and does routine maintenance on all of her own personal vehicles.


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Brittany served as a medic in the military and she worked as an emergency medical technician for over seven years. She has also completed training for massage therapy. Brittany has written many patient summaries for documentation purposes as well as articles on didferent prescription medications and their uses.


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Brittany enjoys the article writing process. From research to first drafts to the final piece, she dives into her work and takes pride in the end product.

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Brittany has reviewed many products from blenders to performance drum sets. She details special options and features and lets the potential customer know just how that feature could help them in their day-to-day life. Whatever product you are selling, Brittany can draw a crowd of potential buyers with her compelling and information packed reviews!

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