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Kari was an operating room nurse for 26 years. She has been everything from a staff nurse to the director of nursing (DON). She has been the lead person on three accreditation processes. She has extensive knowledge writing policy and procedure, training literature and presentations.

Kari also writes at a user generated content, revenue sharing website. On this site, she writes about operating room nursing, the journey of life, the value of each person, spirituality, mental health and cooking. Many of her articles are found at their various niche sites. She is a competent author, looking to expand her writing experience.
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Specialties include nursing, operating room, surgery, procedures and medicine.


Kari's interests include cooking, pets and animals, frugal living, personal value, mental health, spirituality and God.


Riverside School of Professional Nursing

Kari graduated at the top of her class with a 4.0 GPA. She was inducted into the Stella Whitehead Honor Society in 1992. Kari is a conscientious and detail oriented individual. She has superb critical thinking skills.


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Kari is a lover of food. She enjoys quality over quantity. Be it gourmet or comfort, Kari knows what she likes and makes her own recipes to fit her taste buds. Her recipes are simple for the most part. She likes to get the most taste for the least work. She can be a frugal cook because Kari cannot stand waste.

Kari has dinner, side dish and dessert recipes published on a writing site. And many more waiting to be shared with the world.


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Kari was a nurse for 25+ years. Working primarily in the operating room, she has been everything from staff nurse to director of nursing. She currently has articles published on a writing site. She writes about the operating room, various diseases and what it means to be a nurse.

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Kari has written product descriptions in the past. She enjoys researching the product and finding something new to say about it. Kari is a thorough, detail oriented researcher. She will format as instructed, and use the tone required. Kari knows how to define a buyer persona to make the description flow better.


1 Projects Completed

Kari has 120 articles published on a revenue-sharing, user-generated content site. She has had over one million views total. Her associates praise her for her well-written, well laid out articles. Kari writes about a variety of subjects including human value, mental health, operating room nursing and cooking.

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